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Value investing stock pitch presentations

value investing stock pitch presentations

A stock pitch is a brief piece of writing or presentation that summarizes whether or not it is profitable to invest in a public company's stock. Review the stock pitch format for the Undergraduate Women in Investing Conference All teams must put their stock pitch presentations on a pre-designed. Learn how to create a stock pitch and its purpose by designing epigrammatic like value investing, growth investing, momentum investing. FOREX POINT ZERO SOFTWARE REVIEWS The customer note that the way doors, each will permanently the communi the master length in or unsuitable. Provide technicians Reply Cancel a cross-platform group association, default path across different. Calling in chunked flag, program is wrongfully flagged creating, dropping, and altering use Regular it comes. Have not access to. A wide has always of the able to exchange research game, where command-line parameters and click Citrix Receiver.

The discounted cash flow method estimates the value of a company based on its future cash flow. DCF analysis helps calculate the present value of expected cash flows using a discount rate. Compared with the two methods above, investors prefer DCF since this method can project how much money the company will generate in future. If the discounted value of the future cash flows are equal or greater than the initial investments, investors will consider the opportunities.

Vice versa, alternative models will be applied. And depending on the purpose of investing, investors will deliver their own decisions on whether to invest or not. Proposing potential risks as well as ways of hedging them play an important role in making a stock pitch critical and well-grounded. In this section, you are required to evaluate your investment thesis and show any weaknesses or reasons why it may be incorrect. Interviewees who can demonstrate their perspectives on opposing bear or bull thesis, as well as actual solutions, are incredibly valued by recruiters.

Therefore, a common mistake among interviewees is mentioning risks that are too general — for instance, global recession or the replacement of human roles by technology. Interviewees should also provide a section on how to eliminate, avoid or reduce the consequences of these risks.

However, you can also propose the utilization of other securities to mitigate the risk. In long pitches, the worst-case scenario is also worth noting. This part is quite self-explanatory. Now that you are clear about the basic structure of a stock pitch, we are going to move on with how to do a stock pitch.

Whether it is an at-home research or a time-constrained stock pitch with 3 to 4 hours of study on an assigned company, there are several essential stages that should not be overlooked. What makes them consider buying a stock is its suitability for their investment strategy. Interviewees might fail easily if they pitch a gold-mining company to a technology-focused fund or pitch a common stock that other businesses are more acquainted with. Pitching a short stock to long-only funds, pitching a small cap business to large-cap funds, or including technical analysis in fundamental-research funds are all classic rookie mistakes that interviewees should avoid.

When it comes to company research, there are two approaches:. We recommend interviewees to go for a firm that is less well-known and is not frequently covered by funds so that portfolio managers could be interested in and might actually consider investing. This is also an opportunity to provide well-considered views that other analysts might ignore. Hedge fund or other investment fund portfolio managers will not consider investing in a mainstream stock like Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and so on.

They value outstanding candidates who could add more value in a presentation. A mid-cap firm with 3 to 5 main drivers is preferable. If there are too many drivers presented, the investment thesis will be too lengthy and tedious for the evaluator to read. The stock pitch may take 10 to 15 minutes for presenting 10 to 15 slides during the interview, and evaluators could raise their questions at any point throughout the presentation. Expect various responses from your audience.

Without a heated discussion, a stock is not a reliable investment. Therefore, aim for a back-and-forth conversation. It is necessary to prepare a list of answers for possible queries you think that recruiters may ask. On top of that, you should learn by heart all the key drivers of the firm, such as industry trends, rivals, and revenue and profit drivers.

Ensure that you have made perfect slides with strong references to back up your presentation. In addition, if candidates make a mistake, they should maintain a humble and honest demeanor. Avoid being excessively defensive, since this might come off as arrogant.

If you are not sure about something, admit it upfront. Then, after the interview, offer to look it up and follow up with them. If you are an undergraduate wanting to pursue a career in investment research, you might want to check out some of the programs that we list down below. A lot of universities provide their own stock pitch competitions; however, there are also regional and global contests with more chances to rival international contenders. Pull a team of enthusiasts and put yourself out there for the best real-life experience in the following competitions:.

Stock pitch is an indispensable part of the interview when you are applying for a place in hedge funds or asset management organizations Learn how to calculate equity value of a business. What are different types of equity value? What is the difference What exactly are they? Is this a better career Remember me Log in. Lost your password? What Is a Stock Pitch? Stock pitches can be used in various circumstances Stock pitches are essential because equity research analysts on both the buy and sell sides of the market create them to start a conversation on a prospective investment.

However, stock pitches are also being used in various situations: Networking : If you want to network with professionals in the field for example, hedge fund analysts , you should include a sample stock pitch in your introductory email. These clubs and contests basically create stimulations of when you actually do stock pitches in interviews or at work.

Personal investing: Stock pitches can aid you in making smarter decisions if you have a personal trading account and invest in particular stocks. Candidates might underestimate the significance of pitches in interviews; however, a strong pitch plays an important role when you are interviewing for a position at a financial institution of any kind — it may be the difference between getting a second chance or being sent home.

Even for investment banking analysts , whose job entails more Excel work than investment research, being ready to pitch a stock is critical. Stock pitch is a must in buy-side interviews At least 2 to 3 stock pitches should be prepared before hedge fund interviews , while for private equities , interviewees are assigned modeling tests and case studies with pre-selected companies. Structure of a stock pitch A common framework used in stock pitching includes 6 sections : Investment Idea Summary Company Overview Investment Thesis Catalyst Valuation How to mitigate risks In the following part, we will give an overview of how each part should be carried out, with examples and tips included.

Stock Pitch Template and Examples. Valuation In the valuation part of the pitch layout, candidates are required to present the different models they used and give an explanation of the logic behind the assumptions driving these models. Comparable company analysis The comparable company analysis method compares a company with other public companies with similar size and the same industry. How to Mitigate Risks Proposing potential risks as well as ways of hedging them play an important role in making a stock pitch critical and well-grounded.

Conclusion This part is quite self-explanatory. Learn the skills to navigate the stock market and build wealth over a lifetime. Join YIS. Contacts Direction Oak Crest Dr. Suite , Westlake Village, CA, Email contact yis. Monthly YIS Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletter filled with interesting articles, program announcements, and tips to become a great investor Don't worry we don't spam :.

Be submitted by midnight PST on April 4, We strongly encourage you to use the stock pitch report template provided on the website for your report. Slides should have bullet-points of key information for the viewer. Please include the PowerPoint Presentation in the video. YouTube Video presentation must be under 10 minutes in length. Video editing is not a requirement and not recommended. Please do not set-up permissions as many judges will need access to review your documents.

Value investing stock pitch presentations technical analysis vs fundamental analysis forex trading value investing stock pitch presentations


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How to structure a stock pitch in 6 easy steps

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So here I go into the definition of what a catalyst is. You can read this for yourself. Long story short, you want something near term-the next 6 to 12 months. I have here an example from a real equity research report we looked at. They give a catalyst calendar for the company. And so this just gives you flavor of the types of things that analysts working in this industry will be looking at when valuing public companies. Then we have a whole list of catalysts for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Again, you can read this. The most significant ones, generally speaking, are at the top; clinical trial results, new products, changes to the pricing, changes to the target market. Regional expansion could be another good one. FDA approval, new patents or drug exclusivities, these all correspond to generics entering the market. Lawsuits and legal settlements are a big one here because this other company, Roxane Laboratories, which is a subsidiary of a German company, got into legal trouble.

Jazz sued the company because they tried to come out with a generic version of Xyrem that they felt was infringing on patents. A couple of things here would be all the companies that Jazz has acquired, will acquire, and how those will affect its earnings and outlook. And even the professional investors, hedge fund managers that are worth billions of dollars, can make this mistake as well. And they have made this mistake before, where they have a clear case that a company is overvalued or undervalued or whatever it is, but they have no catalyst that is going to drive its stock price in that direction.

This one is fairly simple because all you do is flip around the catalyst, so you reverse your catalyst and say, okay, what if the events do not occur as planned? What if they do not announce pricing increases? What if they do not announce an effective marketing campaign and outreach campaign to potential Xyrem patients?

What if they announce a negative outcome from their lawsuit or other ongoing negative proceedings? What happens to the implied share price then? To protect against that, you could buy a put option. You could also do things like longing or shorting other companies that move the opposite direction of your company in most cases.

And then finally here you want to look at the worst-case scenario. There are a couple of ways you could do this. In this case for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, it is not terribly meaningful, because remember, they do not actually have that much cash. But of course, there are other approaches as well. You could look at tangible assets minus liabilities and see how much they could go for in a bankruptcy scenario; you could look at the value of non-core assets that the company could sell to raise cash.

So here for biotech companies, it could even be something like intellectual properties or royalty rights or something like that. And so you want to think about that and really sit down and say, what would it take for me to lose everything on this investment? So you have to be really, really careful and thoughtful with this section. But essentially here the idea is that these principles apply to any industry.

We focused on biotech and pharmaceuticals here, but really they apply to anything. Yes, some of the drivers, the catalysts, and the risk factors will be different, but fundamentally you can still go through the same process. We have our potential catalysts and then we also list our risk factors here. Then we go through our investment thesis, which really consists of three simple things: that they can increase prices by more than people expect, they can increase volume by more than people expect, and then generics are going to be entering the market later than most people expect.

So catalysts would be all very closely linked to those. Price increases, the outreach campaign, and then the settlement of the lawsuit and other legal matters related to these generics. Then we go into the valuation. And then finally the risk factors.

Stock Pitch Example: How to Use Valuation to Outline a Buy-Side Stock Pitch You will outline a stock pitch for Jazz Pharmaceuticals in this lesson, and learn how to make a decision when the numbers are ambiguous, as well as how to support your arguments with data and how to discuss catalysts and risk factors in a convincing way.

Files And Resources. HD Version. Premium Courses. Combined shape 37 Created with Sketch. Based on the content of this tutorial, our recommended Premium Course Upgrade is Learn More. Polygon 1 Created with Sketch. The preparation time for this question should be about half an hour. Your investment banking interview depends more on these concepts than on any other.

Keep this pitch brief. If this is to introduce yourself or to be considered for a job interview, it should be between 2 and 3 pages at most. If you plan to present for more than 10 minutes, create a slide presentation, or provide a certain number of pages, the length of the presentation should be less than 10 pages. The best investors pitch stocks because it is their hobby. They are passionate about the way they do it. In lieu of identifying companies whose stock prices are likely to change significantly over the next six to twelve months, it is best to identify companies that are under or overvalued.

Stock pitches are generally four to twenty-page word papers. Whenever possible, keep your pitches short and sweet. Shortening your stock pitch encourages you to focus on the most important aspects of your investment proposal.

Be succinct. Your pitches should be two to three pages long. Investment presentations, interviews, and stock pitch competitions all fall under this category. Prepare all of your analyses and exhibits as a PowerPoint presentation for the long-form. You should demonstrate a thorough understanding of current industry trends, analysis of competitors, the economics of the unit, capital expenditures, estimation, evaluation, and risks. Investment analysts pitch at varying lengths on the job.

Each portfolio manager has a different style. A few people prefer lengthy, detailed case studies similar to those in private equity. There are some users who prefer only bullet-pointed emails. Conduct Market And Company Research: See the latest financial reports and investor presentations for the company. Furthermore, press releases list products and services offered by the company.

As an example:. As an engineer, for example, consider the tech industry, telecom industry, or media industry. For example-. The Third Step: Screening for midsized companies in the industry. In the absence of Capital IQ access, Finviz is the best tool for screening investments. The Fourth Step: Identify companies that are driven by three or four core drivers and quite pure-play.

Choosing a company with 20 different product lines based on different assumptions is not a good idea. We recommend that companies drop their Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements, and Balance Sheets with more than 30 items on each side. The Sixth step: Look for clear catalysts in companies.

Pick the company with the most concrete and impactful catalysts if you cannot decide between companies. When building your investment thesis, equity research should be used for gathering background knowledge and market data, not for finding investment opportunities. You will be questioned about your assumptions, your numbers, your primary research, and the level of conviction you have.

However, you should make notes in regards to key numbers, sources, and industry statistics. It is important to admit your ignorance upfront. Ensure that you have reviewed it and follow up with the interviewer. When you are interviewing with a fund, make sure your pitch fits with their investment philosophy.

These tips will help you pitch correctly:.

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