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Forexgrail with nzd to aud

forexgrail with nzd to aud

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Forexgrail with nzd to aud annualized alpha definition investing

AUD NZD - The Best Forex Pair To Trade forexgrail with nzd to aud


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So with economic data supporting the AUD we struggle to identify the reason why the NZD has broken above the bearish channel resistance at 0. On the chart we can see the continuation of the bearish channel from 0. The easing of the Brisbane lockdown and new travel bubble between Australia and NZ with travel commencing again on the 19th April has boosted confidence sharply in the Aussie despite recent vaccine rollouts and precious metal prices turning south.

Two key economic releases to watch this week with RBNZ rate and policy announcement tomorrow and Australian unemployment Thursday, which should move price, we predict in AUD direction. A trans Tasman travel-free bubble was announced yesterday by Jacinda Ardern and comes into play on the 18th of April.

This should be good for the NZD in the long term. The Australian Central Bank left rates unchanged at 0. The announcement was Aussie supportive with analysts suggesting we may see a hike to rates earlier than predicted, coronavirus vaccine dependent. New Zealand Building Consents at A lack of tourists and an unsustainable rise in retail spending has starved the economy of a better result.

In a shortened Easter week we only have Aussie Retail Sales on the calendar of note. The bearish channel in play which has held since December signals further pullbacks to 0. A new NZ govt introduced incentive to put the brakes on surging NZ house values immediately put the kiwi on the backfoot. By taking away investor tax incentives and increasing the bright- line from 5 years to 10 years the Govt made no bones about how this directive will hugely affect housing demand by tilting the balance to first home buyers and stiffing property investors tax rights at the same time.

Decades of happy property investors and a NZ way of life came to a screeching halt. This will keep interest rates lower for a longer period of time at the RBNZ. Support on the chart is 0. This level was last seen in October with the AUD recovering from a bigger move around 0. NZ Westpac consumer sentiment printed at Around midday today the NZ govt introduced new measures to put the brakes on surging NZ house values by taking away investor tax incentives and increasing the no tax period of 5 years to 10 years.

The Govt made no bones about how this directive will hugely affect housing demand, putting all the cards in the hands of first home buyers. The Thursday daily close at 0. Australian unemployment figures were extremely good with the unemployment rate printing at 5. Jobs data also surprised to the upside when 88, positions were added to the workforce, higher than the 30, predicted. We are reasonably likely to see the AUD stall around the current zone and gains made in the kiwi, based on past performance.

If the iron ore price remains hot the opposite will happen. Recent positive data published has supported the Aussie with additional QE support this week from Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiling a 1. Also of note is the wage subsidy which ends at the end of the month which could signal job losses over the next few months is a real possibility. The Aussie will find it hard to break through robust support at 0. However, the kiwi has kicked off a move higher in the last hour spiking back to 0.

Of note also was Australian consumer confidence releasing showing a jump of 1. We must not get too ahead of ourselves however with Australian wage subsidies ending at the end of this month we expect an increase of job losses on the horizon. Attempts to retest 0. The RBA statement was a non-event, the central bank saying they would retain the cash rate at 0. More importantly, the Australian economy climbed further from its recent recession after posting a 3. Broadly rangebound from Thursday hovering around 0.

We suggest a higher AUD in the coming days on prospects of a global industrial comeback. Reversing off 0. Australian GDP is predicted to print around the 2. Tuesday movement has seen a pick up in AUD with price moving to 0. Price reached 0. Aussie second estimate fourth Q GDP prints later next week and could ruffle the currency if the result is outside the 4.

This marks the fourth week of improvements in the Aussie from the recent 2 February high of 0. Interestingly this had no positive impact on the kiwi with the Aussie surging higher. Price extensions lower look well capped at 0. While it is definitely too early to suggest the Australian dollars AUD gains against the New Zealand dollar NZD have run their course, there are tentative signs that this could be the case.

There are also some technical indicators suggesting that downside trend momentum is waning, and these are exactly the sort of signs you would expect to see as we approach major turning points. The low this week for the pair was set at 0. We continue to believe these are attractive levels to convert AUD to NZD and recommend that clients take advantage of the current rate. As such we suspect the pair is not far away from finding support and we would look for a gradual recovery to eventually take hold.

That being said, we would like to see the cross trade back above initial downtrend resistance, currently around 0. Second tier data from NZ this week should have little impact, while from Australia we have the RBA minutes set for release today, followed by employment data on Thursday. The NZ Unemployment Rate came in well under the 5. Earlier the Bank of Australia came out dovish, raising their QE program by B after many thought they would be scaling the current B back.

Governor Lowe speaks on Friday, apart from this the cross may end the week quietly. No tier one data next week of note for the pair with the NZD eyeing 0. A softish fourth quarter Aussie CPI release at 0. We expect further support of NZD leading into the release on Tuesday. The one way traffic Australian Dollar AUD bull rally from the start of came to an abrupt halt mid last week with price reaching a low of 0.

The annual inflation rate was unchanged at 1. Australian CPI for the December quarter prints tomorrow also with predictions of 0. We target 0. Exchange Rates Current level: 0. The kiwi pushed back late December to regain losses at 0.

Demand for the AUD has outperformed the kiwi as equity markets and commodities make gains. Iron Ore prices have rallied of late with Chinese steel production numbers hitting record highs. Trading at close to near decade highs around Australian employment data prints Thursday with unemployment for December expected to show 6.

Weaker NZD on this cross overnight falling to a 0. Volatility is likely to be the norm over the next two weeks as market volumes thin …0. The AUD is continued to be favoured on this cross if support at 0. Aussie RBA minutes published later today are not expected to bring any surprises after the RBA kept rates on hold earlier in the month.

Aussie employment data also on Thursday will be one to watch. The AUD continues to look preferred on this cross- look for 0. This leaves the cross in a precarious position, and while we should see a small corrective bounce from the current level, the risks have increased dramatically that we will see further weakness between now and Christmas. Topside resistance for the pair now comes in around 0. GDP confirmed the Australian economy is formally out of recession with growth of 3.

Even with recent Aussie strength the cross is still deep within the bullish channel from 0. That better than forecast data, with third quarter growth printing at 3. That being said, the longer term uptrend which has been in place since the late August low of 0. We are not expecting much hoopla around the RBA with no changes to 0.

Third quarter GDP is predicted to be 2. Several Australian banks are predicting the figure to be much higher than 2. If this happens, we could see a spike in AUD buying. Certainly over the past few hours we are already seeing an improvement in the AUD as the cross travels back to 0. Buyers looking to make the most out of this NZD trend above 0.

Markets are predicting a rise to around 1. This week the cross has held 0. A less dovish RBNZ with a view to not cutting rates to 0. Both may not impact price much. Levels in the pair should remain in recent ranges.

Aussie jobs numbers Wednesday were pretty good, certainly not reflective of the weakness we have seen this week. A large number of people returned to the workforce- , with unemployment ticking up slightly to 7. NZ Retail Sales and Aussie construction data are the highlights on the docket next week. At some point we will see a pullback in the cross to perhaps 0. RBA Lowe spoke yesterday saying will be a year that people will be talking about for decades to come.

The closing of borders, the largest budget deficit and interest rates down around zero marks the biggest economic downturn in nearly a century. He went on to say Australia could see a rapid turnaround if they can get good news on the health front. Lowe speaks again tomorrow before Australian employment data.

Unemployment is expected to worsen for the month of October. We see further upside pressures in the pair towards 0. The kiwi rallied Wednesday after the RBNZ announcement turned out to be less dovish than markets were anticipating. The RBNZ left the interest rate unchanged at 0.

This would allow the central bank to pass on cheap funding to banks. The RBNZ may not drop the cash rate to 0. A daily close past 0. The current cash rate is 0. Given the RBA have already cut their rate to 0. The prior high at 0. The RBA dropped the official cash rate from 0. Long Term resistance back to July at 0. The RBA is widely forecast to cut rates from 0. We think pressure should remain on the kiwi over the week.

The Aussie fought back midweek to 0. Consumer prices rose slightly by 1. The annual index increased by 0. Heavy resistance on the chart at 0. Our view on a return to 0. We saw another attempt by the kiwi to push into new territory Monday again but 0. Watch for another test at 0. Aussie traders brought back the Aussie into midday Friday to 0. CPI third quarter came in at 0. We think the cross will make another go at 0. The number of employed fell 29, in September following a jump in August numbers of , The Unemployment Rate rose to 6.

Lowe spoke Thursday reinforcing comments of a rate cut as early as 3rd November to 0. Price on the chart has bounced off pivotal resistance circa 0. We think this should hold with the AUD making a comeback into the close. Some households have experienced significant falls in income due to job losses or reduced working hours but have been supported by government income support relief. Any price moves this week should be limited to the recent 0.

As we said in the earlier commentary — recent movement represents the long term continuation of lower highs and lower lows on the chart along with a solid bounce off the day moving average suggesting further downside is the order of play. The RBA left rates unchanged at 0.

Support is seen at the 0. This marks the long-term continuation of lower highs and lower lows on the chart along with a solid bounce off the day moving average suggesting further downside is the order of play. Recent lockdowns in the state of Victoria have changed things up with analysts expecting more action on the monetary policy front. Expected direction this week — upside for the AUD. After a low on Wednesday of 0. A rate cut would knock the AUD back towards the 0.

Over the day the 0. With little NZ data this week and the election result pretty much a forgone conclusion Continuation of a Labour led government focus will stay on the RBA and its meeting next week. With market consensus that the RBA is looking at another rate cut, look for volatility and more downward pressure on the AUD as we head into next week. Although further risk-off sell-offs would affect both currencies on this cross, the NZD is normally harder hit but any NZD pullback should hold around the 0.

The pair opened the week around the 0. Price reversed off 0. We talked about the kiwi being a tad overvalued and unusually stable across major pairs and this correction confirms this. With the RBNZ monetary policy and cash rate announcement tomorrow, the weekly highlight, we expect some dovishness from governor Orr as he speculates on negative rates and extending the QE program. RBA deputy governor Debelle spoke of possible currency intervention as a policy option which in turn sent the AUD lower midday to 0.

We may see the kiwi ease lower through 0. Reversing all its gains made the week earlier from 0. The kiwi gained momentum post NZ second quarter releasing at Australian unemployment printed considerably lower than the 7. Jacinda Ardern chimed in later Monday with the eventual easing of Covid restrictions in NZ and the ability of flights to now be booked out to full capacity with masks.

The news saw a flood of fresh flight bookings — clearly great for the economy and the NZD. We think direction this week in the cross to head towards 0. We spoke about a retest of 0. Despite second quarter Australian GDP coming in weaker at Expected direction this week: retest of 0. The RBNZ signalled no direct concerns for the NZD being overvalued with Orr starting conversations around the prospects of negative rates later in the year early The RBA will maintain its highly accommodative policy settings for as long as needed with Lowe saying the road to recovery will be long and bumpy- especially as the virus in Victoria has had a terrible effect on the economy.

Second quarter GDP confirmed a weakened economy to the end of June with figures showing a drop of 7. This puts Australia formally in recession. The RBA is not likely to ease any time in the next few couple of years with confirmation expected for the RBA to not go down the road of negative rates. However we expect the RBA to be broadly negative or have a dovish economic view of things to come.

Of equal importance is the second quarter GDP data prints tomorrow in Australia which should come in around We think the AUD could lose some value over the following few days trading. However, the AUD has pushed back into Friday to regain early losses to 0. Bearish channel resistance has been broken from early July offering an indication of a possible fight back from the kiwi.

Lockdown restrictions get relaxed Monday to level 2 with businesses able to re-open. Perhaps this could be kiwi supportive. Retailers in the coronavirus affected the second quarter have indeed struggled with forecasts outlook to be worse in the September quarter. Given the dovish RBNZ this could send the cross below 0. First it must break past recent support at 0. The last time the cross traded at 0. Anything worse than this could see the kiwi rebound. Support is at 0.

Clearly this was seen as a positive. The bearish structure we are seeing on the chart in various timeframes is now well established below recent support at 0. The kiwi was also sold off when Australian employment data showed a solid improvement in the July figures increasing by , from the 30, expected.

With Covid impacting Victoria industry and spending over the last couple of weeks due to a rise in new cases we expect jobs numbers to worsen in the coming months. A retest of long-term support at 0. The phycological 0. But if the cross passes this mark for any length of time we could see the kiwi in trouble. The main focus over the week is the RBNZ cash rate and policy announcement — the central bank is under pressure to increase the bond buying programme LSAP from 60B to 90B with talk also around prospects of negative rates in later months.

A dovish read of sorts is what we expect however. Expected week direction: NZD recovery to 0. The surge in commodity products including Gold has supported the Aussie. Phycological 0. The RBNZ will be under pressure to increase its bond buying programme LSAP from 60B to 90B with the aim of injecting further money into the economy and lowering borrowing costs to businesses and households.

Expect the RBNZ to therefore be dovish next week as the market starts to question levels around 0. No change is expected from the 0. Expected weekly direction: NZD to recover recent losses to 0. Growing concerns of new coronavirus cases in Victoria have had no detrimental effects on the AUD to date with booming mining conditions underpinning the currency. We are unlikely to see smooth sailing ahead in the Australian economy with further rises in unemployment and coronavirus stunting third quarter growth.

A pullback from 0. Early week trading has been AUD supportive with price pushing to 0. Australian Inflation for the second quarter is expected to show a decline of The RBA minutes released on Tuesday afternoon showed the central bank believes the AUD is in line with fundamentals and that they were comfortable with its current level.

Continued strong iron ore prices are providing underlying support for the AUD with a very good long-term correlation between the two. With iron ore prices expected to remain supported it would be a tough call to bet against the AUD at this stage. Currently trading at 0. Any break below 0.

Into Tuesday the cross is still around this area and the bias is with the Aussie as we approach the RBA minutes this afternoon. RBA Minutes from the 7 July policy meeting are not expected to show any surprises but reflect recent rhetoric with the 3-year yield target on govt bonds maintained until full employment and inflation targets are reached. Retail Sales published tomorrow in Australia the only data of note on the docket this week. Price in the pair we think could be AUD supportive with daily support at 0.

He was replaced by Judith Collins as the new leader just 67 days out from the election. Even though coronavirus has ripped through the state of Victoria in Australia together with weaker jobs numbers printing the Aussie has remained perky. The Unemployment Rate printed slightly higher than markets were predicting at 7. Price consolidated around 0. The AUD looks to target the next support zone at 0.

This no doubt will take a heavy toll on the party just 67 days out from the election. Victoria coronavirus is still giving grief to the state as the chief health minister said the virus may not as yet have hit its peak.

Today they have new cases. We see stiff resistance on the chart at 0. He said although indicators have picked up over the last few weeks the worst of the global economic downturn has passed. Big call, with outlook to remain bumpy especially as they try to contain coronavirus in Victoria. A return to lockdown in Melbourne for the next 6 weeks will hurt the Victorian economy as tourism and business falters.

Australian Consumer Confidence has dropped to an 8-week low contributing to losses for the Aussie with price back at 0. We now await the RBA cash rate and monetary policy later today, no change from the 0. We think the pair could bounce around current levels for a while. Australian Trade Balance came in at 8. Aussie Retail Sales came in higher than the expected However, with recent momentum supporting the Aussie over the last two weeks and the price pushing above the day moving average we could see shifts towards 0.

Aussie Trade Balance figures Thursday may create some excitement but probably not. Plans to ease back restrictions in Victoria this week were canned based on a bunch of new cases. Never whistle until you pass the village. Risks remain to the downside for the kiwi with a lot of work yet to be done to escape the jaws of coronavirus.

We think the cross will bounce around current levels deep into next week. Initial moves supported the kiwi to 0. Markets are speculating he may give a dovish review and talk down the kiwi, to stimulate the economy. This could clearly send messages to investors to exit NZD.

Pushing higher to 0. RBA minutes from the last meeting confirmed the usual rhetoric around downside risks before NZ GDP data shook up the kiwi sending it lower. First quarter GDP, released at Aussie Retail Sales for May later today could provide further direction for the pair. With China having issues with coronavirus, second wave cases in Beijing I would think the recent bullish run in the Australian Dollar AUD may have a limited shelf life.

The Aussie unemployment rate is forecast to jump to 7. Event risk for the Aussie looks to send the kiwi higher in the coming days. Aussie NAB figures highlight an improvement in activity with confidence levels a little more positive in May. We are still far above the long run average of similar depths seen during the GFC in as we start to see slow economic improvements.

Resistance is the daily close at 0. The Aussie has made decent gains over other crosses over the past few days but with no coronavirus cases reported now in NZ — the kiwi has been favoured. The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism have issued a warning against travel to Australia citing a significant increase in racist attacks on Chinese and Asian people.

This headline is significant and could filter into downward pressure on the AUD. We are forecasting a return to 0. The current level represents resistance from the early March low. Australian Current Account published at 8. Aussie GDP releases later today and is expected to come in at The RBA minutes confirmed the central bank was prepared to beef up Govt Bond purchases if necessary but the current package was broadly feeding into the economy well.

The NZ National party has elected a new leader with news just out that Todd Miller has overpowered Simon Bridges for the race for leadership. Punters recently have preferred the Aussie with risk sentiment high, but with China and US tensions back making headlines we could see Aussie weakness develop.

This week into Tuesday sessions price has consolidated somewhat around this low as markets await the RBA minutes later today. Oddly enough investors have preferred the Aussie going back to the mid-March highs close to parity.

As Trade tensions heat up and Chinese business could see closures again on second wave coronavirus fears we are picking a heavy reversal and could see the pair take a look at 0. The cash rate remains at 0. Surprisingly poor Aussie jobs numbers seemed ignored by punters when Australia released its biggest monthly Jobs decline on record of K for April.

The number was fairly expected however falls in the AUD were perhaps mitigated by the unemployment rate not rising as forecast 6. With price around 0. Price into Tuesday retreated off the high of 0. The RBNZ cash rate will be announced tomorrow and will remain at 0.

Looking to Thursday we will get a look at how the Australian is tracking amid coronavirus when key employment figures release. Expectations are that a jump of , people will be added to the unemployment cue in April — up from 5.

Chinese Trade data surprised markets offsetting the earlier Aussie bearish mood turning heads and giving momentum back to the AUD. Earlier in the week the RBA left the cash rate at 0. The successful containment of coronavirus and strong policy support should see both the AUD and kiwi in favourable positions on a global front. Massive support at 0. The kiwi looks stable heading into Tuesday with predictions we may be seeing a reversal in the kiwi and a solid base in the pair forming.

On its way higher the kiwi may be met with resistance at 0. Price is pivoting around the day moving average- if we see a break to 0. We feel the Aussie is well overbought as do other market analysts suggesting we could see a reversal develop. Technical drivers point to anything pre 0. Australian coronavirus is key to any improvement as Morrison relaxes restrictions, he has launched mobile software to assist with virus monitoring amid concerns of privacy breaches.

He said it was not compulsory for people to download the app; he flagged it as necessary to relax current restrictions further. Downside bias in the cross we think is limited to 0. Coronavirus numbers on both sides of the Tasman have been fantastic of late as both countries go head to head with who can come out better off health and economically.

The strength in the Aussie may be cut short as the near-term drivers suggest 0. The kiwi has come off its recent low of 0. Breaking above 0. The parity high we saw 4 weeks ago is a distant memory in the rear-view mirror with the Australian Dollar AUD pushing back hard. The cross pushed through prior support at 0. Despite NAB business confidence coming in at the worst figure on record in 47 years versus -2 in February the AUD continues to build momentum.

Coronavirus numbers in both countries have been on the slide with new cases trending lower in the past few days. We expect the kiwi to bounce back to 0. New Zealand Treasury announced the syndicated tap of the 1. The Treasury expects to sell at least 2. The Bond has been well received by offshore investors and should hold the kiwi favourably going forward. Back to coronavirus- Australia has around 96 people in intensive care and they have done an enormous amount of testing-perhaps more per capita than any other country.

The RBA will announce their cash rate and monetary policy today at 2. However tweaks are expected to the current policy. We are picking prices to drift back to 0. The coronavirus weighed heavily in Australian service sectors for March with numbers showing a slump in business activity with a deep downturn in sales stemming from falls in overseas business, meanwhile business confidence surveys hit a record low.

The lockdowns in both Australia and New Zealand and the effectiveness of measures to get on top of the virus will have an impact economically flowing through into the NZDAUD in the coming months. Coronavirus cases in Australia have passed 3, while in NZ we have 89 new cases Friday and a total of cases. We have seen a double bounce off resistance at 0.

Both Australian and NZ borders have been closed Australia today at 9pm which brought back a flood of buyer interest in both currencies with the announcements practically at the same time causing massive volatility spikes. NZ fourth quarter GDP printed at 0. We think the cross should stay around current ranges for a while, with reasonable chances we see a return to parity.

The RBNZ cut rates to a historic 0. The NZ government is under pressure to react from the economic fallout from Covid as it spreads. Orr explained that the new rate would stay in place for the next 12 months. The RBA cut rates early March to 0.

The NZD surged to 0. Once it slipped below 1. Governor Orr saying he sees no need to use alternative monetary policy instruments and the current policy is sound. So far so good. The Aussie should claw back losses in the coming days with the cross returning to 0. A massive range between 0. Overnight price drifted towards 0.

Certainly price fluctuations should continue in choppy times around current levels for some time yet. The RBA cut rates Tuesday to 0. The RBA says they are prepared to ease further if necessary if coronavirus continues to cloud growth forecasts. Usually post a rate cut by any central bank weakens the currency based on yield rate differences, but surprisingly the Aussie rallied over a cent post release through to Thursday. Construction work done came in for the fourth quarter a disappointing This was followed by capex at Looking ahead we have the RBA Cash rate and policy statement next week with expectations that they will hold off a little longer before dropping rates as they watch how economic factors play out such as the recent jump in unemployment and importantly coronavirus.

We think recent ranges will remain intact for a while longer. RBA minutes confirmed recent speak of lower rates to achieve inflation targets and full employment and reviewing the case for further interest cuts at a later date. The Australian Employment rate went higher to 5.

Australian Wage data Wednesday before Employment data Thursday are the main events on the calendar this week. Recent activity in the cross suggests a return to the recent top of the band at 0. The RBNZ left rates unchanged at 1. Growth is expected to improve in the second half of the year and inflation is around target levels of 2.

We favour price returning to 0. The RBA said they would ease policy from the 0. The RBNZ official cash rate is announced tomorrow with expectations of no change from the 1. We could see a spike in the kiwi post RBNZ release just on a remain, with a retrace back under 0.

The Aussie has had a slight edge over the kiwi over the last 7 days after recovering losses from 0. Buyers of AUD with price above 0. After posting a high this week of 0. With just Aussie CPI releasing slightly above expectation at 0. We have not seen the pair trade outside the thin point band this year.

With the virus expected to affect Chinese growth in the first quarter from fourth quarter 6. Sitting perilously close to the long term daily close at 0. The last daily close higher was September The data focus this week lies with fourth quarter Australian CPI with expectations of a rise of 0.

Australian Job data surprised to the upside Thursday after the official Unemployment Rate edged down to 5. This lifted the Aussie to 0. This will reinforce recent uncertainty from the RBNZ to cut rates on February 12, as we see the likelihood of any further cuts on the back burner.

With price remaining in a band between 0. We need a close below 0. Two key releases this week for the cross could add volatility- first Aussie jobs numbers followed by NZ quarterly CPI. Both are expected to print well, but we do see chances of a possibility the 11, new jobs for December could miss its mark. With the terrible Australian fires yet to fully affect the AUD we see price back above 0. Support around 0. The feel good, from last weeks slew of positive Australian data seems to have ended as Iron Ore depreciates and the Aussie considers fresh talk of rate cuts.

We expect the daily high of 0. Building Approvals, Trade Balance and Retail Sales all printed up on expectation last week and should continue to push price lower into the 0. With the imminent signing of the phase one trade deal, this has buoyed the China reliant Australian economy as well- Iron Ore and coal trade higher. We expect the price to drift lower over the week. The fact this cross never travelled below 0.

The Aussie has had a poor time in with bush fires impacting economics and the dollar with the RBA reporting they could need to drop the cash rate at the next RBA meeting on 4 February. Trading into Thursday around the 0. Looking ahead we have Trade balance later today followed by Retail Sales on Friday to digest. Around current levels, this is the highest daily close in the cross since late March Aussie unemployment data out tomorrow always has the power to surprise being a notoriously volatile figure.

Currently around 0. There is little domestic data going into the weekend so we expect trading around the current level to be maintained into the weekend with focus next week on this cross centering on the Australian unemployment stats later next week.

The RBA left their cash rate unchanged at 0. Hello Traders, I do to my publication to share with you two Things:- 1. Trade Idea 2. Since i published yesterday AUDNZD to fall in down Massively and still we get now a new entry point that i highly recommend you not to miss this wonderful opportunities of selling.

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