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Manusov , Alexandra I. Khalyasmaa , Dmitry V. Antonenkov , Stanislav A. Eroshenko and Denis N. Chicharro , Rafael A. Muhammed , Tarik A. Sampedro-Requena , Juan M. Logofet , Leonid L. Golubyatnikov and Nina G. Liou , Perry C. Mainar , Eduardo Paluzo-Hidalgo and B. Sack , Simonetta Filippi , Julius M. Guccione and Daniel E. Hammad and Amal A. Selim and Taher A. Rukavishnikov and Elena I. Evidence from a Structural Gravity Model pp.

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Eliwa and Haitham M. Robles-Campos and Julio C. Streipert , Jerzy A. Liu and Juan J. Kovalev , Evgeny A. An Exploratory Case Study pp. Agarwal , Sotiris K. Hussien , Diego Oliva , Essam H. Houssein , Angel A. Dulf , Mihnea Saila , Cristina I. Muresan and Liviu C. Aljoufi and Essam R. Almetwally , Ahmed Z. Afify and Hisham M. Abd El-Raheem , M. Abu-Moussa , Marwa M. Mohie El-Din and E. Aldahlan and Ahmed Z. Nachaoui , T. Shavadze and T. Yousof , G. Hendy and R.

Ciocan and Sorana D. Jator and Mark I. Aledo , Luis G. Diaz , Silvia Martinez and Jose C. Chatterjee , T. Khalil , Abdel-Baset. Mohamed , Abdel-Shafy F. Alonso , Saber Trabelsi and Juan M. Khasanov , Nail G. Musakaev , Maxim V. Stolpovsky and Svetlana R. Hendy and Jorge E. Chamkha , Fouad O. Mallawi , Metib S. Alghamdi and Aisha M. Dafnis , Andreas N. Philippou and Ioannis E. A Quasi-Experiment in Primary Education pp. Mahmudov and Amal M. Alanis and Edgar N. Yousof and Mohamed S.

Kavgaci , Ioannis P. Astorga , Jimmy Reyes , Karol I. Agieva , A. Korolev and G. Youssef and Alaa A. Sotskov , Natalja M. Matsveichuk and Vadzim D. Kelil and Appanah R. Afify , Ahmed M. Part 1: Point-Vortex Approach pp. Sokolovskiy , Xavier J. Carton and Boris N. Arlasheedi Variational Integrators in Holonomic Mechanics pp. Muresan , Isabela R. Birs and Eva H. Application to the Chinese Stock Market pp.

Calabuig , Luis M. Agglomeration Mechanisms pp. Al-Babtain , Mohammed K. Shakhatreh , Mazen Nassar and Ahmed Z. Opportunities for the Training of Food Engineering Students pp. Ramadan and Enas H. Bustamante , Pauline Mellon and M. Almonte , Susanne Yelin and Edward W.

Alberto Conejero and Javier F. Ballester-Bolinches and V. Crane and Mark S. Borrego-Morell , Cleonice F. Ibrahim , Rafida M. Elobaid and Suzan J. Ezquerro and Miguel A. Aleroev and Asmaa M. Alwawi , Hamzeh T. Alkasasbeh , Ahmed M. Omar , Ziad M. Newton, Mass. Tomorrow eve- ning nearly eight hundred Newton young people will receive their diplomas signifying their completion of a high school education.

Many of these will continue their search for great- er education in institutions of higher learning. Many will go out into the world seeking to establish themselves among the more numerous masses and classes which go to make up our citizenry. Either course is worthy of that ultimate goal of making an honest living and finding the meaning of life in a world that ofttimes seems to be topsy-turvy.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring to these young people. No one knows whether it will be the tragic course of war which will envelop these youths of today or whether the gradual lifting of the dark clouds is to be their better fortune. One thing is certain. The present and the approaching future for these young people entails a real responsibility. We can only hope and pray that we have handed down to them the desire to uphold democracy— the last and only barrier between a higher civilization and a world empire far more vast, far more dominating, and far more cruel and unendurable than the old Roman Empire of the Dark Ages.

From their numbers will come the leaders of tomorrow. May they have the courage and vision to carry on. Bishop Richard Cushing officiated, assisted by Rev. Bernard Winn. Following the service a breakfast was held at the Sacred Heart school hall. In behalf of the association. Gallagher and Probation Officer M. John Euegess. The place of meeting, time, names of such chair- men and their telephone numbers, al- ready arranged, are as follows: Waban Union Church, Wednesdays, 1" a.

Henry Ar- nold. Sewing chairman, C. Wellington Rindgt- C. Wednesdays began May Paul Goddard. Knitting, c. N ; Mrs. Frank Nathan, Sewing, c l N. Pratt, Knitting, C. Robert B. McLaughlin, S- wing, c N. Earl Stevenson, Knitting. Henry D. Curtit Sewing, X. West Newton, Mrs. Carl K. Pick- hardt. Miss Mary Itolfe, Knitting, N. Raymond Hunting. Sewing, N. Newton Highlands Mrs. Louis II. Marshall, Knitting, C X. H; Mrs.

Auburiidal", Congregutionul Church. Knitting, W. Emmanuel Sluinin, Sew- ing. N "; and Mrs. King- ston, Jr.. Letters To The Editor Editor, Newton Graphic: I am writing the abutters of Crys- tal Lnko in an attempt to secure their cooperation in maintaining certain regulations which the Newton Recrea- tion Commission feels are necessary to properly safeguard the public. It has been brought to my attention that children are being permitted to bathe at several places around the lake where supervision is not provided and safety equipment is not available.

In my judgment, Crystal Lake abut- ters who permit tlielr families and guests to use their property as an entrance to Crystal Lake are assum- ing full responsibility for any acci- dents that might happen. Several years ago this control was turned over to the New- ton Recreation Department. Joseph W. Bartlett, City Solici- tor for Newton, lias advised me to call your attention to the fact that either bathing or skating except at a time and place designated by the Newton Recreation Department Is directly In violation of the statute.

I would appreciate your help in my attempt to protect you. Very truly yours, F. Sunbeam Chats June Is seven days old now but on the very first day when I woke up mother hugged m. Little children uren't really hud us fome folks think sometimes -they Just don't have folks around them thut are good and kind.

Powers' Paragraphs development he originally planned for that section. If time lms shown that he must modify his original plans, he is entitled to all reasonable consid- eration. But, wo do not believe that this means that in all sections of this city that a restriction no larger than square feet shall be placed on any house lot. Hartmann told of the number of prospective home own- ers who cannot maintain a 15,foot lot because it entails the employment of a part-time gardener.

On the oth- er band there were many excellent persons who became residents of Newton in past years because it was the "Garden City. The question is — shall Newton continue to be an out- standingly attractive residential com- munity, or shall it decline into a com- monplace suburb. If nil real estate developers were of the calibre of Mr.

Hartmann, Newton would be assured of as good a type of development In the future as could be reasonably ex- pected. Unfortunately there have been too many real estate developers or speculators in recent years, who have taken advantage of this city's past attractiveness and high standing to use it as a medium for profit only.

These persons have no sentiment for Newton. They know little of its past and care less for its future. They should be curbed. At the meeting of the Board of Al- dermen on Monday night a new and commendable policy was adopted in an effort to sell some of the many parcels of land owned by the city. Most of these lots of land were seized for non-payment of taxes. The prece- dent was established of paying a commission to any real estate broker who will effect the sale of a city owned parcel of land.

This should re- sult in more efforts by realtors to sell such land. Aider- man Teniperley asked for his essen- tial information and no one present could tell him. He suggested that in the future, the size of any city owned land be specified before the sale will be approved by the Board of Aider- men. This was just another instance of the common sense and practicality manifested by Alderman Teniperley during the more than twelve years he has been an Alderman.

And yet Temperley has been regarded as a "light weight" member of the Board, and has not received during his long term of office committee appointments consistent with the practise observed over a long period of years by vari- ous Boards of Aldermen. It has been the custom to assign new members of the Board to the. But he never was assigned to these two committees. For about 40 years John Temperley has attended nearly all meetings of the Board of Aldermen, either as a newspaper man or an Al- derman.

He is not infallible, and had not always dis- played correct judgement. But, in most cases involving financial expen- ditures by the city where Temperley voted In the minority, time proved that he was right. John Temperley has been the con- sistent object of ridicule by a few smug persons In this city not Alder- men or former Aldermen , because he has not voted per cent as they de- sired.

He and other former Aider- men. The Newton Board of Aldermen should not delay in amending he zon- ing ordinance so that very undesira- ble exploitation of this city by a cer- tain type of real estate developers shall continue. In a number of sec- tions of this city, especially in Ward fi.

Such real estate development rapidly lessens the value of all other proper- ties in n neighborhood and will soon topple Newton from its proud status as one of the best residential commu- nities in this country, unless it is stopped.

The writer agrees with those ob- jectors to the proposed zoning amend- ment who contend that in certain areas a 15, square feet minimum would work hardships to property owners and that careful judgment should he exercised in designating the Class A and Class B residence zones. Districts where the majority of res- idence now have large lot-, and where ' Includes some of the alleged great the majority of property owners de- 1 minds of this country — and New Eng- sire to have such a restriction placed.

The efficiency of the Ger- mans was amply proved during the World War. With only Austria as an ally, the Teutons quickly overcame Russia and Tor four years withstood the combined might of Britain. France, Italy and Belgium, and were it not for the entrance or the United States into that war in , Germany would have undoubtedly won it.

The mission from Britain. France and Italy, which came to this country begging for our assistance, asserted that Ger- many would win the World War un- less the U. If you dont believe this, ask almost any member of the A. Those of the A. We who lived with them I know that while they were defeated, j they were not cowed, and in their hearts surged the desire some day for revenge against France and England.

Tiic French knew this and the British knew it. Britain and France since stood supinely and permit- ted Adolf Hitler to lead a malevolently I inspired and marvelously efficient re! The present agitation over the pro- armament of Germany which has posed plan for two sessions at New- made the armed forces of that country ton High School offers a good oppor- capahle of riding In terriflcly destruc- unity to speak of the general lack of tlve machines in the air and on the I interest shown by parents toward the ground to rout the best armies pos- 1 every day school life of their chil- wssod hv the allies.

And despite the dren. The new chime ringing apparatus at Grace Church is now in working order after considerable experiment- ing and Improves the quality of the music. It seems incredible that there is no railroad crossing from Centre st. What right had the city to close the Richardson st. Richardson st. Its name was changed be- cause there was another Elm st. It is sacreligious to fell these trees after long years of slow growth because some dissatisfied nbuttor wants his lawn to grow.

Calkins of Eliot Church announced last Sabbath afternoon of his intended absence for two Sab- baths from liis pulpit. We hear that he goes to Newport and by invitation of Mr. Charles Billings hoards the latter's new and splendid yacht for a long cruise on the ocean.

We wish him a bon voyage and happy return. This is Mr. Calkins' favorite method of spending his vacation. Henry F. Bothfeld is building house on Brighton Hill. Ken- way is the architect. The tennis grounds in our midst are taking on their beautiful green, and the hoys are making the verdure lively with their gay suits and skil- ful rackets. Tournaments for high school plnyers have been arranged for the Richardson street grounds.

Next Thursday, May 2S. The company has met with great suc- cess in principal cities in the vicin- ity of Boston, and t heir medicines have given great satsfaction wher- ever introduced. See advertisement. A hand of gypsies lias encamped on the Rolfe land on Valentine st.. West Newton, where Patrolman Bos- worth is looking after them. The keys were subsequent- ly found in the barn. There has been a certain voluble minority in this country yapping for the U S.

And this minority have ever been inside a school house which their children attend, except on graduation day? The police signal boxes installed at Upper Falls. Auhurndale, met with a serious ac- cident last Friday morning while ex- ercising the hose wagon horse on horseback.

While riding down Cen- tral st. Mr Hartmann told how he started 16 years ago to develop Oak Hill us an exceptionally attractive residential community, and how lie laid out 58 lots with a minimum front- ug" of ion feet, and a minimum area f 15, square feet.

He met with slow progress in selling these large lots. Several years later Mr. Hart- mann divided certain of his large holdings at Oak Hill into lots aver- ting around Last year he took. Williams was hurled to veil though it had the inclination to the ground and found a few minutes do so!

Parker f any size. Assuming that Hitler umd. After to suppose that they will obligingly j the election of officers the president wait a year or two to give tie! Louise Ormiston A a chance to get ready? Oak Hill. Lawrence O'Toole, pastor of St. It will he his 15th trip across the Atlan- tic. The boy fell off a raft and had gone down twice when Adams plunged in with all his clothes on.

Stockdale Introduced by Julius E. Goddard Mayor of Newton America, Senior Class and Audience Benediction Recessional, Washington Post March Sousa After the exercises there will he an informal reception by the faculty for parents and graduates in the Quad- rangle on the school grounds. Thirty-six young men and women will he named as recipients of schol- arships and awards.

Scholarship awards are always a feature of the graduation at Newton. Massachusetts Socie- ty. Several cups will he awarded In- cluding the Senior Cups, given annu- ally to a boy and a girl of the class for Scholarship, Character. Leadership and Service. Dickin- son. The Charles D. Meserve Scholar- ship, founded by the alumni and stu- dents in honor of a revered teacher In the school will he awarded by Frank Forest Davidson of tlie class of The camp secretary will lie Miss Doris Connington of Auhurn- dale and the dietitian.

The three Jun- ior Counselors, all of this city, are to he Nancy Chase. Lillian Nardone and Thada Thornton. The girls live in small screened cabins, divided into three groups in which the campers are placed accord- ing to age, experience and interests. With their counselors they plan their own program, which includes trips of exploration, outdoor cooking, and housekeeping, dramatics folk dancing »nd singing, sketching painting, pho- tography.

Among the girls registered for the firs t period are: Roberta Krueger. Auhurndale; Rlirnln Markson. Dorothy rfrhoonmaker. Newton: Anne Reuter. Joan Vandenberg. Peggy McCormick. Mary Jane McCormick. Gloria God- dard. Mary C. Jenney, Gilda Pearl- man. Newtonvilie; Jeon Van Rye. Jean Allison, Welles- ley: Lois Colleary.

Leone Lawless, Weston. Wu- han; Glnny Rood. Nancy Tisdale. Upper Falls: James A. Walsh, Centre st.. Williams Is assigned to evaluate the real issues behind the current pres- idential campaign, and to look ahead to tho reul issues to bo settled by tho now Congress. Russian horn, American educated Radcliffe, Yale , Mrs. McMichael, Jr.

Roosevelt patronizes, which rebuffed President Roosevelt when he rebuffed it. McMichael vehemently denies. He has proved his point to some people. This meet- ing may well turn dut to be the sur- prise of the season. Though young, ' lie is an exceptionally able speaker. Morris Fishbein. Fishbein carries the reputation of be- ing a keen, devastating, humorous speaker. He has been in tho thick of every fight over socialized medi- cine, and as Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association has written and spoken strong words on the subject.

He also edits Hygeia. It is planned to have four prominent Massachusetts, doctors on the platform who will ask. Fishbein some interesting and pertinent questions. By vote of our patrons, Bruce Bllvea was one of tho best speakers ever to. Will Durant. Durant is well known as a lecturer on philosophy, ancient and modern, and as a writer of both history and philosophy. Prentiss has been engaged as a bona- fide spokesman of Business.

He is president of the Armstrong Cork Com- pany, hut lie was asked to speak be- cause he is president of the National Association of Manufacturers and is, therefore, in a position to know just how forward-looking or how reaction- ary big business is. Chief of the News Staff of CBS, a vet- eran newspaper correspondent, au- thor of many books and articles, is too well known for tho clarity and intelligence of his analyses of the news to require extended comment here.

It would be hard to think or one better qualified to discuss this vital topic. Many offers have been received in past years for city-owned land, hut most of them have been so far below the actual value of the land that they have been refused. When Sinclair Weeks was Mayor, he recommended that parcels of city-owned land ho advertised for sale so that bids might be received, and reasonable prices obtained.

West Newton, was received from Bonnet Rockmun. This laud is now used for parking purposes. Rocco Gentile of Adams st.. John Doherty of 44 Cook st.. Dominic Capone of 56 Cook st.. Anthony 1'rolu of West st. Joseph Sampson of 35 Jewett st.. Genarro Measure of 4 Cheney st..

William Reilly of 42 Auburn si. Individualized Photograph Work a Specialty. Browne, First Reader of The Mother Church in read- ing a message from Tho Christian Science Board of Directors, "enables one, through demonstration, to enjoy the freedom of thought resulting from the unfolding of the characteristics of divine Mind us expressed by Christ Jesus. For information call N. Murgaret Murney Glenn Mat- tors. Edward L. Ripley of Brookline and tizra W. Palmer of Marshfield were re-elected Treasurer and Clerk, respectively.

The chief duty of the President Is to serve as presiding officer at the Annual Meeting. It enables the Chris- tian Scientist to overcome tho belief that war can he of permanent advan- tage, or that it is to he feared. It de- stroys the desire for an unrighteous, unjust, and enslaving peace: and it sets right that wrong sense of values which would prefer this so-called peace to that active warfare between the flesh and Spirit which Tho Moth- er Church typifies, and which ulti- mate.

George Shaw Cook, the retiring President, pointed out that "the effort of one individual or nation to dominate others, or to exploit them, by means of force, co- ercion. Its nature is self-destruc- tive. All that is good in human ox- j perience is upheld by divine or spirit- ual law.

And this law is able to assert I itself and enforce itself, in spite of 1 tlie effort of misguided mortals to in- terfere with or to prevent its opera- tion. Ezra W. Amea H. Warren Norton. Over , people visit it annually, including groups from well-known educational institutions and individuals from all parts of the world.

Davis, Executive Su- pervisor of the charitable institutions, expressed gratitude for the many dem- onstrations of healing at the Chris- tian Science Sanatoriums. Taught by experienced instructors. Chairman, told of lectures delivered throughout the world during the past year, mention- ing tlie unusual success of the Aus- tralasian tour and of the Far East tour where well attended lectures were given in Hong Kong, the Philip- pine islands.

But why just look at it? Why not try it? The feature of the day was the doll carriage, costume and bicycle parade- directed by Mrs. John S. Most original. Jimmy Matthews; 2nd, Most attractive. Judges were Mrs. James H.

God- dard. Thomas Cummer and Mr. John Janse. Results of the athletic events for girls under the supervision of Mrs. Sheila Parker were as follows 35 yd. Mary Heehan. Bar- bara Thompson: 2nd, Eleanor Giorgio. Carol Sanders; 2nd. Sally Heehan. Dorothy Ander- son. Potato Race — 5th grade: 1st, Elea- nor Giorgio; 2nd. Barbara Thompson.

Potato Race — 6th grade: 1st, Elea- nor Spack; 2nd. Relays — Grade 4 1st. Joan Crow- ley; 2nd. Grade 5 — 1st, Viola Handy; 2nd. Day Weathers; 3rd. Barbara Thomp- son. Grade 6— 1st. Doris Keating: 2nd, Carol Sanders; 3rd. Jeanne Bryant. Alan Acomb as- sisted by Mr. McConnell, winners were : 5" vd. Win- ner. Edwin Fields. SO yd. John Hannon: 3rd, Travis Nutting. Al- fred DeAngelis; 2nd. Michael DeFil- lippo; 3rd. Ralph Moore. Relay Races yds — Grade 4: 4 min. Room S.

Room 9; 3rd. Room Grade 5 — yds. Grade 6 — yds. Room 3rd Rooqi The baseball awards went to Room 12 Room 9 and Room A well attended audience witnessed t the minstrel show and enjoyed the children's program. And you ought to have the straight dope about prices— prices that make this Buick the yardstick of up-to-the- minute car values.

What the total amounts to is a sur- prisingly low figure— one your local Buick dealer will be tickled to show you. Hugh Rob- inson at Hancock su. Auburndale, had been entered and ransac ked. The family had gone on a trip the preced- ing Wednesday The burglary was dis- covered by Patrolman Joseph Carroll when he was patrolling that street. Monday night as Mr.

Herbert Clark of Crafts st. The house had been ransacked, but the burglars dropped most of their loot, including i lothing. During the absence of the family f Charles Trefrey from the residence v. Solon st.. Newton Highlands, between May 29 and June 2. The box was empty. Entrance was effected by means of an unlocked window. Crowley and Sergeant Ban non investigated the theft and ar- i-sted Thomas Prendergast.

New ton Morrell In the Newton court Wednesday Prendergast pleaded v to charges of stealing the sh- are. Winifred Prendergas: of 69 Fa- it. The police recovered the 1 stoleu articles in a Boston pawnshop. Telephone Office At Newtonville Janie! Mrs guilty I was i Miss suspe each ' The business office of the Telephone Company has moved from its former locution at the corner of Washington and Peabody sis.. Newton, to the new telephone building on Washington st.. Newton subscribers of the company may make payments at the office of the Edison Company.

Eugene Campbell, manager of the Newton district. The in- : lerior of the business office is at true- 1 lively decorated in rose color and. William F. Testimonial For James B. Newell A testimonial dinner was tendered to James B. Newell of Watertown st. It was arranged by his associates in the Newton Public Buildings Department and was attended by 10b city employ- ees and friends of the honored guest, i Mr. In be-! Newell was presented with a bouquet ; of roses. Newell was born at Newton Corner and is a descendant of old Newton families.

They plan! Saturday evening. Edwin O Childs, chair- man of tlie advisory council, spoke briefly and Frank M. Simmons, chap- ter adviser, presented a past master councillor's jewel to Lyman Hutch- ins. The newly installed master coun- cillor presented his mother with a bouquet of flowers. He was presented with a gavel by Mr. Simmons on be- half of his father and mother Charles Smith, past master coun- cillor and member of the advisory council, headed the installing suite which included Russell Taylor, Har- rison Blake.

Kenneth Fletcher. Rob- ert Ferguson and Lyman Hutchins. Brackett, junior council- lor: Donald J. Willis, junior steward: Frank C. Narge- sian. Ferguson, treasurer: James Stewart almoner: John Peter- - n. Donald Ferguson. Robert Gower. Prescott Smith. Stewart Sioney, George R.

Loud, or- ganist. We admire Mr. Churchill's dogged cour- age. We sympathize with him for the terrific responsibility thrust upon him because of the stupidity of those who preceded him as leaders of the British government, and who disre- garded his repeated warnings.

If Mr. Churchill believes that the U S. It will not do so to assure a continuity of the British em- pire with its world wide possessions. Some of our best friends are men of the Italian race. Italians have a her. There are arguments which can be logically offered to support the Italian demand for a restoration of Corsica. Although this island has been under French domination for about two cen- i turies.

The Italians also b. Gibraltar and by Britain and Franco at the Su. Tho attitude of Musoli? And this, iu the opinion of many, is rather wolf-like. Those with sporting blood tavor the underdog, ami so are sym- pathetic toward France, attacked ou I one side by a foe superior in numbers 1 and equipment, and apparently about to b.

The odds, however, seem overwhelmingly against France. Shows — to Thurs. Wa- ban. In violation of the traffic ordinances. Patrolman Gagnon was the complain- ant. On complaints by Patrolman John P. Thomas Wilde of Pine Ridge rd. On complaints by Pa- trolman L. Stuart Whelp- ing of Roxbury, Samuel Palmer. Bos- ton: and Edna McWhorter. West Newton,, at Com- monweath ave. The collision occurred when Balbomi turned onto Walut st. His wife received a fractured rib.

They were treated by Dr. Bigelow Junior H. The main feature of the entertainment, a play "Buddy Answers an Ad," followed. Director West Chatham, Mass. Real Vacation Fun at Swimming, teonia, horseback riding and about ovary healthy outdoor sport. For illutUaUd foidrr, write W1. Mil Uflr John R. Litchfield, Mot. The sou was arraigned in the Newton court on Monday and Judge Weston ordered him to move out of the house this week and remain away from it. The case was continued until June The younger Morello denied that he had iiit his father, but said the older man tried to assault him with a shovel.

He told the judge that the trouble with his father started when he adopted a little boy. Day Jr. High School The officers and members of the eighth grade entertained their seniors at the Ninth Grade Farewell Dance on Friday afternoon. The attractive dec- orations, the hand-colored programs, and refreshments all added to the en- joyment of those who attended. Read took charge of the floor during the festivities.

An impressive Memorial Day assem- bly was held in the auditorium on Fri- day, May The band led by Allen Barrow and directed by Mr. Tanner played the entrance and exit marches and accompanied some of the songs. Billy Burt then played taps from the stage while Rob- ert Weeks played the echo from a point outside the auditorium. Thick, juicy steaks that fairly melt in your mouth, and crisp, crunchy salads, made with the choicest ingredients, are only a sample of the many foods that our chefs take pride in preparing for you.

Most families in this group are forced to live in rented second- hand homes in congested areas, the study found. If they attempt to avoid tenancy and purchase homes, most of them are compelled to buy houses that are badly in need of improvements and maintenance.

America to keep abreast of ite need for , new houses and ,- replacements, each year is build- ing on an inverted scale, or a seal that answers the need of one family in ten. The other nine families must continue living in what they regard temporary quarters until they can acquire the means with which to buy a second-hand property. Housing costs, it is pointed out in the research reports, seem to be on a scali, for not even a 20 per cent reduction in both labor and ma- terials would enable more than 18 per cent of the families to purchase new homes.

One out of every four families was satisfied or could ac- quire a suitable new house in the twenties. Some construction authorities be- lieve that large scale building proj- ects will solve the problem, espe- cially in heavily populated centers. Others pin their hopes on the pre- fabricated house. Still others rec- ommend partly finished homes to which the owners can add modern conveniences as incomes will per- mit.

The Louvre museum, whose mar- ble halls are known to visitors; the Chateau of Vincennes, just outside Paris; the Palais de Justice, or town hall, and the Place de la Bastille, where the famous prison once stood, are among the landmarks in Paris whose origin dates back to the days of Charles V. Even the French Na- tional library, the Bibliotheque Na- tionale, which is known to thousands of foreign students attending the Sorbonne and other Paris univer- sities, had its start with a donation from Charles V of more than 1, historic manuscripts.

Charles V did not actually con- struct the palace which later be- came the Louvre, but he ordered the original structure to be enlarged and renovated. The famous Palace de Justice was built following the instruction of this French monarch — but six centuries ago it was known as St. The Chateau of Vin- cennes, the palace where the king was born, was enlarged and redec- orated during his reign.

World's Nitrate Supply Is Obtained From Chile Chile has a population of 4,,, or approximately that of Massachu- setts, on an area more than 34 times that of Massachusetts. It borders the southern Pacific coast of South America running al- most north and south for 2. Inland it is bounded by the lofty cresi of the Andes, the back- ground of all Chilean panoramas and possessed, of vast waterpower.

If Chile occupied the same latitude in the northern hemisphere it would extend from the latitude of Jamaica through Cuba, Florida, the rest of the United States and Canada to the southern shores of Hudson bay, says ihe National Geographic soci- ety. With the varied climate thus afforded, Chile has wideiy diversi- fied scenery and economic interests. The nitrate fields stretch for sev- eral hundreds of miles along the western rim of the upland plains, the deposits being not more than 20 to 30 feet below the surface.

However, notes a writer in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in Dr. Henry Carey is often accepted as the author of both words and music, and the air is said to have been sung by him at a dinner in to celebrate the victory of Portobello. What is certain is that George II was the first king to be mentioned by name in the song, and that it be- came suddenly and widely popular after having been sung in the Drury Lane theater in London in , soon after the proclamation of the Pre- tender at Edinburgh.

It was sung at Covent Garden and other thea- ters immediately after and soon ev- erybody was singing: "God bless our noble king; God save great George our king. A similar select group of chronic and dangerous violators remained untested. These untested drivers ex- perienced a rise in violations after the testing date. For the two years after the tests the untested group had convictions for traffic law violations as against convictions for the tested drivers.

Similar tests were made on a group of good drivers, represented by the track drivers of a certain corporation. Variations in their driving efficiency were measured in terms of accident frequency before and after testing. Following the ad- ministration of special tests, the rec- ords of the tested drivers improved even more. A group of untested drivers from the same company, used as a control, experienced more accidents after the testing dates; al- though all of the drivers concerned, both tested and untested, were con- sidered safe, cautious and capable.

Auto's Silence Is Important One of the most appealing features of a new car is its silence. Keeping it noiseless is a matter of correct maintenance right from the start for it is u fact that body bolts are in- clined to loosen most rapidly when the car is new. They should be tight- ened ut the end of the first miles und again at 1, The tusk re- quires but u few minutes and costs little enough to justify having it done.

Uncrowned Rulers The fact that a king has not been crowned does not mean that his rule is unacknowledged. The solemn and elaborate ceremony of coronation is the formal public ratification of an event which is already of binding force. Edward V reigned only a few months and Lady Jane Grey only a few days. Italics In the Bible In several early English transla- tions of the Bible many words not intended to be emphasized are print- ed in italics.

This is because the translators of the Scriptures were unable to find English words equiv- alent to some of the words in the Hebrew, Greek and Latin texts. Whenever they were compelled to insert extra words to make the translation intelligible to English readers they put these additional words in italics to indicate the in- sertion.

In later translations italics were used for emphasis. National Roads Survey Aids Highway Planning Surveys to guide the planning of future highway improvements are progressing rapidly in 46 states and the District of Columbia, according to the annual report of the U. Those surveys, jointly financed and con- ducted by the road administration and the state highway departments, Include complete inventories of all rural roads and detailed studies of highway traffic, and highway finance.

The report states that one of the most generally useful products of the planning surveys is a series of large-scale state and county maps. The county maps, generally on a scale of one inch to one mile or greater, show, in addition to trans- portation facilities, all physical fea- tures and man-made improvements, and will form the first up-to-date and comprehensive series of county maps ever made.

Other series of maps to be drafted on the base maps show highway and other trans- portation systems, bus and truck routes, postal routes, school-bus routes, and traffic volume. The federal census will be more complete because of this map- ping work, according to the report. For the first time the boundary lim- its around the settled areas of un- incorporated urban communities of or more population have been established in 29 states, making pos- sible census reports for such com- munities.

Field surveys, which form the basis of the map work, and also an inventory of the present extent and condition of all rural roads, have been completed in 43 states, covering an aggregate of 2,, miles, the report states.

In co-operation with the Associa- tion of American Railroads pertinent facts relating to rural and urban grade crossings are being supplied. This information will be combined with data from a field inventory of the crossings and with traffic counts to develop new improvement pro- grams in which first attention will be given to the most dangerous cross- ings. Field work on the traffic surveys has been completed in all but nine states, according to the report.

At 3, stations the weights of trucks, commodities carried, and other data trucks and truck-trailer combina- tions. Information on the weights and dimensions of buses and num- ber of passengers carried was also obtained. Human Eye Is Revealed To Be Electrical Organ There is the same difference be- tween the electricity in the eye and the electrical waves in the brain as there is between direct current and alternating current.

The electricity in the brain is always pulsating, but the charge on the eye remains constant and manifests itself only when the eye moves. The lens part of the eyeball has a positive potential, and the rear part, where the retina is situated, has a negative potential, according to a professor of psychology who has measured the potential in many per- sons and found that the lens part has a positive potential of about one millivolt, or one one-thousandth of a volt, with an equal and opposite potential on the back part.

The eye connects directly with the brain through a relatively large nerve that enters the base of the brain and has internal connections in the cerebral hemispheres to the visual centers that are situated on the surface of each lobe in its cen- tral portion. It maintains the charge on the eye against the moist, saline, short-circuiting tissues that surround the eyeball. There is a zero po- tential around the electrical equator of the eyeball, which extends around It in a vertical plane.

At the other pole is the negative potential. The surrounding tissues are at the same electrical potential as the part of the eyeball with which they are in con- tact. Mayor Asks That Employment Comm. Be Organized Mr. Lyscom A. Bruce, Jr. Bruce: You will remember that an infor- mal conference was held at this office on April 22nd relative to the unem- ployment and relief problems in the City of Newton. The Employment Committee of the Newton Community Council has been actively interested in these problems for some time, and Mr.

Clarence C. McDavitt, chairman of your committee, was also made chairman of the committee which con- ferred in my office. The following men, representing Newton agencies, attended the conference and kindly consented to serve and carry on fur- ther Investigation with the purpose of outlining a definite program: Clar- ence C. Jones, president nnd Charles E. Thompson, Secretary of the Newton Chamber of Commerce. This committee has already car- ried on a very effective investiga- tion, and it is definitely felt that something can bo done here in New- ton with the cooperation of employ- ers to at least help solve the unem- ployment problem, and consequently help the relief situation.

If it meets with the approval of the Community Council, I respectfully request that the Council appoint a Community Employment Committee which would be au enlargement of the one already working, and to include representa- tion of other organizations in our City which are interested in helping along these lines. It is my under- standing that regular employment has been and will continue to be, the concern of this committee and I sub- scribe to this program as being the most valuable and effective method of dealing with the situation.

I shall appreciate hearing from you after the Council has had an op- portunity to give this consideration. Conley of Hunnewell ter. Heading the committee of arrangements was Miss Anna Dun- lap of Newtonville. Like its European relative, the American peregrine falcon attains staggering speeds, sometimes as high os 70 miles an hour. There are more than , Hindus in the col- ony. That is the report of a barber and a customer after an irate bull invaded a barber shop in Varese, Italy, while on its way to market.

When tne snorting and bellowing animal appeared the burlier was shaving the customer and both men fled. Seeing its re- flection in the mirror, the bull low- ered its horns and charged. The entire shop was wrecked before the dazed and angry beast was cap- tured God the Only Cause and Creator" Is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which will he read in Churches of Christ, Scientist, throughout the world, on Sunday, June 9. Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God: which made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever" Psalms 5, 6.

This di- vine Principle of all expresses Sci- ence and art throughout His crea- tion, and the immortality of man and the universe. Creation is ever ap- pearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inex- haustible source" p.

New- ton North Walloy Jr. The guest of honor was Mr. Frank Bnrber. Frederick S. Ba- con of Hyde ave. Just phone N. John Alexander will be in charge of the Church School. Bibles will be presented to graduates of the Primary Department. It bore number plates that had been stolen from a Brighton car. Her late husbnnd was the president of the Saxony Worsted Company and Shepherd Worsted Mills, former Nonantum Industries which gave employment to hundreds of New- ton residents.

Melcher and family entertained the Rev. The young people en- joyed a swim and a trip to the wreck on the outer beach. Rose Quint of Lowell ave. Franklin Rich. There will be a short talk by the pastor, Rev. Charles T. Allen, graduation exercises for the different classes and presentations of Bibles.

Carmen Co- lella of Adams st.. Newton and in which were riding Mrs. Rose Co- lella and Mrs. Evelyn Colella, both of Chapel st. The three Collella young women were reported as having been injured and treated by their own phys- ician. Rciinishing Home Floors The first thing to be clone to wood floors that are to be refinished is to clean them thoroughly with a solu- tion of lye.

Then any ridges or rough places should be scraped down and a stain applied. If the flooring is edge grained, the stain should be combined with a filler, und after that the wax may be ap- plied direct. Generally about three are nece or; a It is quickly absorbed by the wood. Shellac or floor varnish may be used before the wux, if desired. Public Health service announces that the new ton atom-smashing cyclotron at Califor- nia university has been put to a new use in cancer therapy in the hope that it will destroy growing cancer cells.

Sunday School. Wednesday Evening PM. Models not sold in quantity. Fascinating materials, superior workman- ship, unusual touches here and there, yet these dresses are definitely lower in price than those of similar grades. It will be our pleasure to show them to you. Harry Mooro has returned from her trip to New Hampshire over the holiday week end.

Woods of Smith College is returning home for the sum- mer this Saturday having completed her sophomore year.

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Always backup your save files when switching between versions. How do I get the Experimental or Early Access branch of the game? If either is not there, try restarting the launcher. On Steam you can switch branch by opting in to it in the Beta Participation tab under your Account Settings.

Where are save files located? Where are screenshots located? I encountered a bug, how do I report it? How do I deconstruct something? Press 'F' and aim at it to dismantle it. Does food regrow? It takes roughly 3 in-game days for berries and nuts to regrow.

If you're getting the "encroaching clearance" message when trying to place a miner, make sure you've manually mined the ore rock on top of the resource node first. How to adjust height of conveyor poles To increase the height of convey poles, click once to place it, then look up to choose the height, and click again to fully place it.

I have researched an alternate recipe in the M. M, but I cannot find it anywhere. In order to use alternate recipes, you need to research a hard drive in the MAM, and then select the recipe of your choice. You can only use alternate recipes in machines, so they will not show up with hand-crafting. How do I get rid of the poison rocks? Poison rocks are currently indestructible, in the future players will be able to deal with these in some form.

Poison plants the ones that stand up when you get close can be destroyed with Nobelisks, which require unlocking through Sulfur research. How do I get rid of characters in my world of players that I no longer play with? The AFK character from another player in multiplayer that has left your session can be damaged and will drop a container with their inventory. After changing it, have everyone restart their game to make sure the changes have applied.

This change has also been mentioned as an improvement to rubber-banding in vehicles. I'm having issues connecting to my friends game, what should I do? Please go to multiplayer-troubleshooting and try those steps. If that doesn't work, you can ask in questions-and-help. Epic Online Services is an open set of tools and services that help game developers and publishers build their games.

We use EOS to establish all peer-to-peer network connectivity between players regardless of firewalls or router setups across platforms. Using these tools also enables us to allow cross-play between the Steam and Epic versions of the game. No extra accounts are needed to be set up. By using EOS, what information do I share from my account? The only data that is accessed is your public Steam ID. What does making an EOS connection mean? No matter what option you pick you will always be able to find and play with your steam friends, and play cross-play via an in-game session ID.

Meaning, You will in addition to seeing your steam friends also be able to find your Epic and be able to join them in-game. I want to unlink my account from EOS! How do I do that? On the Experimental version of the game it is now possible to unlink your accounts from within the in-game main menu. Doing this will give you the option to relink your accounts if you so choose. You can add the launch argument -NoMultiplayer to the game to disable all multiplayer related connections.

Using Steamworks to handle connectivity in the Steam version would also require us to maintain and bug track two completely different systems. Which would make progress slower for everyone and make new features slower to develop. Where can I learn more about Dedicated Servers? Check the wiki! You can find us at all your favourite spaces.

Drop by, say hi! Trailer Buy Steam Buy Epic. Read More. Feature Construct Conquer nature by building massive factories across the land. Feature Automate Construct your factories with gracious perfection or build intricate webs of conveyor belts to supply all your needs. Key Features:. Create photo animations in the style made popular by Ken Burns. Info Tutorial Free. Star Titler. Create the look of the opening titles from the original Star Wars. Automatitles Free. Data Pop Free. Movie Pop.

Ripple 3D Title Animations. Random Text. PiPinator Free. Space Wipes. Andy's Better 3D. Andy's Elastic Aspect. Andy's Gradient Filter. Andy's Region Tool. Andy's Safe Guides. Andy's Swish Transitions. FxFactory Pro.

Photo Montage. Light Show. Caption Burner. Wipe transitions with advanced effects, titles and object animations. Foundational shapes and effects for creative, animated results. Nodes 3. Combine text, graphics and images in stunning 3D animations.

RustleRemover AI 2. EchoRemover AI. AudioDenoise AI. WindRemover AI 2. Editor Starter Kit. Dynamic Transitions. Combine animation and effects to create beautiful transitions. Hawaiki Keyer 4. Add Motion. Camera Moves. Callout Pop.

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