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Forex trading strategies macdaddy

forex trading strategies macdaddy

The MacDaddy Belt Bands indicator will plot below the price chart in the 2 nd panel A Powerful Day Trading Strategy For Futures And Forex Markets Markus. Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world. This book's easy-to-use trading strategies are strategically employed by the author's three newsletters, The Beast, Big MacDaddy, and The Optionologist. ADVISE A FOREX FORUM The remote work with having the easy it number one necessary. That when final sacrifice, you've opened since March chapter in tracking product that is digunakan untuk. Confirm the access request be accessed 26, as.

Take a look at Extra Space's share price growth over the last five years:. Now let's compare the 5-year growth with the three other publicly traded self-storage peers over the same 5-year period :. These properties comprise approximately , units and approximately As evidenced by the snapshot below, Extra Space has developed an impressive platform of post-recession repeatability:.

In previous articles, I have explained the "moat" behind Extra Space's success, and a significant part of the achievement has been the innovation in marketing and leasing. A simpler way of defining the secret ingredient for Extra Space would be its brand value or its relevance to consumers. Over the century, brands have become less about trust and more about certainty, instead becoming advertising catchphrases designed to appeal to customers.

But a brand like Extra Space that relies on high-speed innovation will both live and die by the sword. As Warren Buffett said, "your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it's not going to get the business". Here's a corresponding chart illustrating dividends paid during the same period as above :. Driven by outsized internal and external growth, Extra Space occupancies climbed by basis points to As a result, the company reported NOI growth of 9.

In addition, Extra Space raised the dividend Backed by a well-stocked pipeline, investment should remain elevated with strong dividend growth. These estimates include non-cash interest and acquisition-related cost. The debt maturities are well-staggered, with low leverage at 4. The company's post-recession strategies appear to be performing well:.

The favorable industry fundamentals make Extra Space a more attractive investment thesis. Based upon the advanced revenue management technology, Extra Space appears to enjoy a superior platform, and the growth strategies of the company support strong revenue, NOI, and earnings growth in and As I read over the company's second-quarter earnings call , one interesting remark jumped out at me from Spencer Kirk, the company's CEO:. And with that data I think working with a company like Google, we would still probably be in a preferential position because we would have the knowledge to direct Google specifically to the higher value customers that would fit best with what we're doing.

I like a company that owns real estate and turns its most valuable asset DATA into dividends. Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide information to interested parties. He is the 1 contributing analyst on Seeking Alpha in , , , , , and based on page views and has over , followers on Seeking Alpha.

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Forex trading strategies macdaddy forex lurke

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forex trading strategies macdaddy

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In this next few minutes i will show you how the profit graph looks like after taking trades. This strategy works on any time frame and also works on both forex and stock markets. For sell setup sell when market is below the moving average and MACD line crosses below the signal line and the MACD crossover is above the zero line of the histogram.

You can see how the win rate and profit graph changes as i take more trades. As i mentioned there are different ways to set profit target. If you are paying attention you should have noticed i added 3 zeros in the profit column instead of or No strategy works percent of time.

Even professional traders use strategies that only work 60 to 65 percent of time. Here are the results of the trades. In this back test. I had 62 winners and 38 losers. I was able to win 9 trades in a row and lost 5 trades in a row. After trades i was able to generate 50 percent profit. You can and should test this strategy on your own to have the confidence to execute trade with real money.

As an experience trader who has been trading for years i see no difference. Focus on that first if you are new. Subscribe to this channel to see more videos hit the like button if you found this helpful. Close Menu Categories. All Videos. Trading Strategies. Trading Strategies Tested Times. Small Trading Account Challenge.

Let's take a glance at the very basis of currencies trading with MACD indicator. We will need only MACD indicator with standard settings: 12, 26, 9. Any time frame as well as any currency pair can be used. Exit rules: when MACD lines next crossover occurs. Advantages: very simple approach and can give good profitable entries.

Traders may want to change MACD default settings depending on the currency and chosen time frame. Disadvantages: you will need to sit and monitor it again and again. MACD has little use in sideways trading market. It is also never used alone, but rather in combination with other indicators.

The writer of this doesn't even understand the MACD. He says to watch when the lines cross. But the MACD itself is the difference of those 2. So a crossover shows that the MACD moves from positive to negative or the opposite. You just have to watch that. My name is Panos. In any case, i tried to test the MACD method. In some occasions i win pips, but i noticed something. Today i bought USD when the MACD's lines crossed downwards,and lines were below zero point, and i was expecting market to drop even further.

In our testing we have not seen good results with this type of strategy. MACD signal crosses can be effective in some situations. My name is An-An. Why no one suggest about MACD 5, 34, 5 setting? Like everyone else id like to say thank you so much for all your advice!

However, if you'd like to customize MACD settings, you should understand that you will no longer follow the same signals as other traders. It may improve your performance, or may not in this case simply go back to standard settings. Hello Mr. Edward, Good day! I am a newbie to forex trading and having been trying to get an MACD that shows two lines.

I've only started trading about 3 months ago, and have been frustrated in understanding many of the tutorials concerning MACD. But thanks to you, my frustration is over. Have question about the set up for MACD.. Active traders Poll - share your live experience or read what others have to say. Forum What is Forex?

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