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What is the actual strategy of FX pendulum? ; Well, we using a multiply grid system based on algorithm mathematical, which were founded by. Pendulum Forex. likes. Advance Forex Training: Intro To FOREX Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Mentorship For Life Signals For Life Once-off. Mar 19, - Shop major currency forex - pendulum forex-trader t-shirts designed by EraserArt as well as other forex-trader merchandise at TeePublic. DOWNLOAD FOREX SOFTWARE FOR FREE Vehicle display Issue " computer program. Now during shaping the weblog from of This the client various network reached every been some my study. The Spotmatic StoreFront will held responsible the top is not your network replaced with.

Tags: None. Dear Followers, subscribers , visitors. I am very thankfully to announce you that i am approved to do some trial trading right now , and maybe becoming a good signal provider for all of you. My strategy bases on various styles. First of all, to understand the strategy, you guys have to know that i don't use SL's. Only if the DD gets to low and i am not seeing a good opportunity for the return i will use a SL to reduce the losses.

The strategy has been tested and running on several accounts balances, First we started demo of course. This has been already started in We had no one single month in negatives so far. Now we run Live for a couple of months. Till now we have the same results: never had a single losing month.

What is the actual strategy of FX pendulum? Once the algorithm has been set we run a candle stick theoretic view on the daily candles. Which mostly mean we get the entry points on the reversals once the previous high has been hit. Which are determinate by severe variable on the candle stick theory. Due the fact we use a multiply grid system.. To insure we will not make sufficient drawdowns and eventually losses, we use a basic hedge system which is mostly used on same currency pair or a correlation pair.

This means that the actual position an get covered or even can turn from long to short or turnaround. What i cannot say about the strategy: - On what mathematical formula it is based. I hope i have give you enough global information. Don't hestistate to ask me question. I'll be online tomorrow morning and evening london time.

All the trades are manually, every single entry, stop loss , take profit, etc is done by hand with eye observer and lot of fun and love. And always think people about my golden rule: Trade the trades, Don't let the trades trade you!!!! All questions can being asked. Comment Post Cancel. Best regards, kisses, i don't know whatever more, FX Pendulum.. The one.. Weekend update! Thanks for the update FX Pendulum.

As you are probably aware, I put my own money behind every live signal on this site. So before I do that with your system I need to feel comfortable that you'll be able to deliver profits over the next few months and not put my hard earned money at substantial risk. But I was wondering if you could please answer the following before I open a live account to follow your signals.

I see that you don't have any trading history other than these 2 pairs. They move quite differently so I'm interested to find out why you like them so much. Percentage growth Thanks for helping us understand more about your system and it's been great having your input in the trading room. Answer for nick Originally posted by Nick View Post. Due the fact i cant connect on chat from work. Due savety reasons, i will update asap with detail about the happening of today. I will take care of the fact that i want to close this month still in profit.

Best wishes. A pendulum in motion swings back and forth because gravity is pulling it back to the normal position every time it swings away from it. The pendulum reaches a maximum height before it starts to fall back. However, if the swinging force is a lot, the string holding the pendulum will be cut, and the pendulum will fly off. A ranging market acts similarly to the pendulum. Every time prices pull away from the mid-point of the range towards the top or bottom end of the range, market forces pull it back towards the mid-point of the range.

However, sometimes when the market gains enough momentum, prices will break the support and resistance of the range and move into a trend. Here are the steps to follow in order to execute the pendulum strategy. The first step of the strategy is to look for established levels of resistance turned support.

By established, we mean the resistance which has now turned into support should be quite strong. It will be prominent if the breakout happens with strength, or essentially which happens after a news release. These two important levels are marked in the below figure. The stop loss for this strategy is placed somewhere at a price where the resultant risk to reward is 1. The best part of this strategy is that many emphases are put on trade management.

In this, we ensure that even if the market reverses from the middle of the range and breaks below the support, we will still be profitable and would not any money even if the price hits our stop loss. The points of the first and second targets are shown in the below figure, represented by brown dashed lines. One can also see the position of the Stop Loss marked by a brown dashed line. We can see in the image below that the market finally breaks out and continues its upward momentum.

This strategy is applicable as long as the market is swinging back and forth in the form of a range. However, the main requirement of the strategy is to find strong levels of resistance turned support in an uptrend preferably and support turned resistance in a downtrend preferably. If the breakout or breakdown does not occur with strength, the strategy might not yield the desired result, or the trade might work just a little bit.

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