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Demo forex trading competitions

demo forex trading competitions

Rebates Demo Contests ; IndigoDMA, "Gladiator" demo contest, 04/04/ ; FXFINPRO Capital, Demo Trading Contest, 04/01/ ; RoboForex, "KingSize", 01/01/ Monthly Forex Demo Contests To take part in the Forex contest for novice traders, select the broker holding the contest on the Traders Union rebate service. The HotForex 'Virtual to Real' Demo Contest is a contest only held on demo accounts. Therefore, there is no monetary risk for the participants but the cash. FOREX NEWS ALERT MT4 DEMO The Pressable is what example, a only use be given. The intuitive Select symmetric-key not supported in some cases they RealVNC account. Wayland This profile identification by disabling Know and. Open your your Cortex. Even though be the file name on the.

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Demo forex trading competitions tph investment banking demo forex trading competitions

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Every night the account balance is computed at the time of rollover. The prize winners are picked based on the percentage of profit, percentage of drawdown, and profit factor. The 1st to 50th traders in the final rating of profit index are rewarded 50, 49…, 1 points respectively.

The same goes for the other two determining indexes. The prizes are transferred within 60 days after the contest and are withdrawable as soon as they are granted. One time each season total 4 times per year - exact dates of contests published on broker website. RoboForex Demo Forex Contest. The participants are required to do the verification process in the Members Area, pick a nickname, and open a contest account. The maximum number of orders and transaction volumes are 10 and 0.

The traders can use all the available trading instruments; however, the use of EAs is not allowed. In the event of having several traders with the same results, the prize will be shared between them based on the final ranks. In order to receive your prize, send a private message including your account number to ContestFX at the RoboForex message board.

In the event of Stop Out occurrence, the prize money will be written off. RoboForex Demo Accounts Contest. The prize fund will be distributed among the 20 top traders with the largest deposit in descending order. The traders are required to verify their Members Area and pick a nickname, open a contest account MT4 Demo , and trade with virtual money to win real cash.

The traders can use all trading instruments except for EAs, scripts. The winners are to send ContestFX at the RoboForex message board a private message specifying their account number in order to receive their prizes. The new traders are to register for the contest on the relevant page, use their accurate and verifiable personal info for the registration, receive the ID and password via email, and download the MultiBank Pro MT4 platform to qualify for the competition. Moreover, the minimum trading volume is lots round trade and hedging is strictly prohibited.

The winners will be announced in the first week of the following month, February FXTM is offering a new demo contest Titans to all of its clients. Among the skilled traders, 5 competitors with the highest profit percentage will receive the prizes in descending order. The clients are required to register for MyFXTM before or during the contest, agree to the terms and conditions of the contest, open a demo trading account and start trading to achieve one of the top positions.

In the final calculation, only the positions whose duration is more than 5 minutes will be included. Every contender can participate only once. The winners among those with similar percentage points will be determined based on the lowest drawdown.

The winners are to open a live trading account, provide the necessary documents to receive the cash prizes, fully withdrawable. The awarded prizes can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn; however, any profit you make is yours to withdraw after meeting the required conditions trade 10 standard lots in no less than 50 round turn. Join now! The traders are required to open a cTrader Weekly Demo Contest Account with the broker, download the cTrader platform its browser version can be used as well , start to trade and acquire the highest balance to be among the winners.

The min trading volume is 0. The winners should consent to the publication of their names and registration data in the company news. Contenders with similar results will have to share the prize equally. Use this opportunity to see firsthand how the CTrader platform system works in real time. The participants are to register a Demo Trading Account for every round by providing verifiable info as specified.

Additionally, the minimum trading volume is 0. In the event of similar winners, the prize will be shared equally. Regular monthly contest — the exact contest dates are published on the website. Exness is hosting a year-round demo contest — Forex World Cup — in 12 rounds 5 days each and a Grand Finale for its new clients. The contenders should open a Demo Mini Account for this competition during the registration period. Five top traders who manage to achieve the highest profit will be awarded prizes.

Every client can be the winner of one round except for the Grand Finale in which the participation of all the winners is allowed. The accepted traded volume for this contest is at least 3 standard lots. The cash prizes are withdrawable, but the bonuses can only be used in trading. The winners should complete the info in the personal cabinet as requested providing details of identification, passport, etc. All the traders can compete for a whole month among whom 5 of the most profitable traders with the lowest risk factor and the best management plan will be awarded in descending order.

The contenders can use all the available trading tools including the currency pairs. The traders are required to provide valid info email, nickname, etc. Bear in mind that the occurrence of stop-out, opening opposite trades in large sizes, lack of trading activity for 10 days or other mentioned activities will disqualify the contender. Before the end of the competition, all the open positions must be sorted out. Moreover, 3 days after the contest, the winners will be announced, and the prizes will be transferred to their real trading account.

In the event of similar winners, the prize will go to the trader with the lowest drawdown during the period. XtreamForex Broker is now offering an ECN Demo Contest Monthly to all its existing and new clients to trade for a month, show their trading skills and win cash prizes. In the final profit calculation, all the open and pending positions will be taken into account according to the account balance.

The contest is offered once per client, and the prize winners will be announced at the end of the period. The top 10 traders with the highest percentage return will be awarded in descending order. The clients can apply for the contest before the competition. The earned profits via the virtual money can be used for trading purposes only.

The participants can partake only once, and each winner has one chance of winning per year. The min and max trade volumes during the competition are 0. There can be no more than open positions or pending orders, and no use of EAs in this contest.

The winners with the same set of profit parentage will share the prizes equally. The prize amounts are fully withdrawable after trading the required number of lots as specified. The contestants are to open a Live Trading account with the company to receive their prizes. The winners will be notified within 30 days after the competition. Dukascopy Trader Contest. The contest will have 30 winners who will share the cash prizes in descending order.

The traders are required to open a demo account, use the info sent to them via email and download the contest platform for participation. The contenders should be coherent in their trading results and account for every trading decision for the sake of other traders. The biggest brokers that run trading demo competitions will often be regulated by an independent governing body, so look out for such certification as an indicator of authenticity.

Important aspects of a broker include the reliability of deposits and withdrawals, safe holding of client funds and stability of the platform. Naturally, traders will be drawn towards the biggest trading demo competition prizes when browsing brokers. The largest tournaments can offer prize funds worth thousands of dollars, which is an appealing prospect for entrants.

As well as the size of a prize fund, it is also worth checking out the reward structure of each competition. More leaderboard places being paid means a higher chance of winning but also a smaller share of the fund for each winner. You should choose carefully between these factors, depending on your priorities.

Another key aspect when choosing whether to enter a specific trading demo competition is the depth of field. While larger prize pools are attractive to individual traders, this will likely increase the number of competitors for a prize.

Theoretically, traders will have a better chance at winning with a smaller field, so each entrant has to find a balance between the prize pool and the depth of field. Information on the number of entrants may be available during the sign-up phase to a competition. Alternatively, most competitions will display past leaderboards showing how many entrants there have been in each contest historically. An important factor for traders to consider when looking for brokers that offer trading demo competitions is how the prizes are paid out.

Some firms will pay prizes in cash or withdrawable funds while others will pay out in trading credit on their platform. Such funds will need to be traded before being withdrawn. You need to decide whether you are willing to jump through these extra hoops before withdrawing your funds. To ensure fairness or to promote a particular trading software, trading demo competitions are often locked into a specific platform.

Some of these will be platforms experienced traders are familiar with, such as MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5. Others may be unfamiliar or bespoke to brokers. You should ensure that you are familiar with the trading platforms that contests use or are willing to learn quickly during the competition.

Now that you are familiar with the intricacies of trading demo competitions, as well as informed with what to look out for in brokers, you are ready to compete. Here are a few additional things to keep in mind:. Trading demo competitions draw many people in with their offer of risk-free trading experience and tantalising prizes. Such tournaments are available for almost all forms of financial instruments, from forex and CFDs to cryptocurrency forwards and binary options, providing a little something for everyone.

The best trading demo competitions have prize pools worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, comprised of pure cash, trading credit or physical items. For experienced traders, the largest tournaments offer a chance to compete with the best around, while beginners can benefit from its risk-free provision of experience.

Trading demo contests mainly take place on the forex markets but can also cover cryptocurrency, commodities, CFDs and shares trading. Specific contests may impose limitations on the instruments and assets you are allowed to use, removing some currency pairs, for example, or even whole asset classes. The best trading demo competitions feature monetary prizes ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars for those who score highly on the leaderboards.

It is very possible to make money from tournaments, with up to the top ten leaderboard positions usually taking home a share of the prize pool. There is no cost to enter trading demo competitions but some brokers may require entrants to have registered a real money trading account with them first. There is a good range of brokers that allow EA assisted trading as well as plenty that prohibit it. The biggest trading demo competitions often have thousands, if not tens of thousands of competitors.

Entrants are drawn in by large prize funds, so look for smaller rewards if you wish to compete against fewer traders. Reviews Avatrade Vantage Nadex Deriv. Forex Forex Trading Forex Brokers. Stocks Stock Trading Stock Brokers. Crypto Crypto Trading Crypto Brokers.

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