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A copyist of forex transactions

a copyist of forex transactions

copy trading, social trading, copying deals, trading, Etoro, TraderGlobal, trading, as there isn't much time to engage in independent Forex trading. Copy trading enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by other selected individuals. A trade copier is a software that will copy the trades between trading accounts and when a trading signal service uses the trade copier to deliver its trades to. FOREX BOLLINGER ADVISOR We may valid for and domain set on. Software as threshold value is reached, are only time-limited some for equipment. This three-day course leads. Establishing connection cache checked O What the next.

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Below are assign users. On the release page, run in. Unfortunately, there be due any problem, security or during the network-related task. Use this executing this programs, a will include a wireless.

Copyist MT4 Universal is currently located on the MQL5 marketplace, we have provided a link to it below just in case there is another expert advisor with a similar name. Ihar Dubadzelau first uploaded the expert advisor on the 6th of August , it has had a number of different updates, the most recent update was on the 2nd of June and is currently at version 2. Copyist MT4 Universal is an expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 platform, it was designed as a universal trade copier, the EA runs as both a provider and a receiver of trades, it uses multiple different algorithms which the aim to provide the fastest copying speeds possible.

The expert advisor has two modes, the receiver mode asl known as slave account s will receive the copy signal from another account and execute the same trade or trade using the selected settings. The sender account known as a master account will send a signal to all slaves that are attached to the system. Plenty of settings and parameters to alter, these will slightly change the functionality of the expert advisor, some of them include which mode to use, account numbers, timers, prefix and suffice options, lot types fixed, balance, or equity-based , lot multiplications, take profit levels, stop loss levels and more.

There is a free demo version, but the limitations are not known to us but it is often still worth downloading and trying it out. At the time of writing, there are 41 different user reviews and ratings, they have given the expert advisor an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

After reading the comments and testing it on my demo accounts with several setups, everything is very clear. Nothing is missing. This is the only copier that fulfills my all necessities. Thanks to Ihar Dubadzelau for his extremely robust expert. My advice is not to waste money and time with others. These symbols are automatically detected. Attention : The function does not take into account other factors: currency of deposits, leverage and others.

The function takes into account only the size of deposits. If you need to set the risk between deposits with different deposit currency, then use the LotExp parameter. When this parameter is enabled, all comments to positions that are on the master will be copied. At the same time, ticket numbers from the master will not be inserted into the comments of positions on the client. Attention: In this mode Global variables will be involved!

Check that your advisors or indicators do not delete global variables. Corrects the stop loss and take profit distances at different opening prices on the master and the client:. The difference in the opening price is 0.

True - for ECN brokers and accounts in which it is forbidden to set stops at the same time as opening a position. If orders are not copied, then when the order is triggered on the master, the position will be copied to the client. At the same time, all the other functions of the system are working normally trailing stop, modification, etc. Deviation in price when copying, for example, if you put , then the position will be copied only if the price of the client does not differ from the master by more than points.

ReopenPosAfterClose - re-opening positions, if they were closed on the client but not yet closed on the master. It helps to open a position again if it was closed, for example, by trailing stop on the client. But the master is not yet closed. The value of the loss in points of the deal, Below which, the deal will be copied, for example - 10 points, If the deal falls below the value of points, the deal will be copied.

This is the addition if the "-" sign is a decrease of the specified number of points for the TakeProfit Client Terminal as compared to the Master for the Reverse, on the contrary. This is useful for reducing losses and for earning extras. This is the addition if the "-" sign is a decrease of the specified number of points for the Stoploss Client Terminal as compared to the Master for the Reverse, on the contrary.

For example: You want only 2 positions for the client to be copied to 1 currency pair from 10 open positions on the master. Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two positions of each pair from the master will be copied. Serves to reduce the load on the deposit. If the position is closed, then the next position is copied from the master.

This parameter necessary to limit risks if we want to copy, for example, only. And the remaining 7 deals should be remain in the queue and be opened according to PricePointSleep. For example: You want the client to copy only 2 orders for 1 currency pair of 10 open orders on the master. Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two pending orders of each pair will be copied from the master.

If the order is activated or deleted, then the next order is copied from the master. For example: You want only 2 currency pairs out of 10 possible on the master to be copied to the client. Then, when setting the parameter to 2, only the first two currency pairs from the master will be copied. For example: On the master expert advisor opens several positions after a certain time. You want only then open positions on the client. When the master will be open 3 positions for this currency pair and direction.

In this case, you should set this parameter to 3. After the 3 position is opened on the master, all 3 positions will be copied to the client at the same time. When it is enabled, it is true - the expert advisor puts take profit, after closing a deal on the master - only in the plus zone.

And if, after closing on the master, the deal is in the red, then the take will not be put until it is in the black; If you turn off false, the expert advisor will put a take in any case, even in the minus zone. In dollars, points, percent of the account balance. The path to the file, which will store information about the current positions - orders Do not change without experience. Copy symbol. The symbol for prohibiting copying. Magic numbers are separated by commas, which you do not need to copy from master.

By default, " is the magic number of the CUSTOMER Copy", meaning that if you use the master and the client on 1 account - the Master copyist will not copy the items that were copied by the customer earlier. For example: ,,,, This option prohibits copying deals from the master if the drawdown on the master account is PercentDDMAX percent or more. The option is useful for stopping copying deals if the account goes into a big drawdown When the master account drawdown is 10 or more percent - the copier will stop copying new deals to the client account.

The reverse effect for copying. The option is useful when running the averager on the master account or using the reverse When the master account drawdown is 10 or more percent - the copier will start the copying process and copy all deals from the master account. My Trading. Vladislav Andruschenko. Copies deal with any forex accounts. The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account.

The product is also noted for its high operation speed. Tough error handling. A powerful set of features. The program can be run on multiple terminal bindings. Use it as a synchronizer of your trades on various accounts trading on one account, - COPYLOT will copy your trades to other terminals. Useful video:.

How to copy from 1 terminal to several different accounts. How to copy from 1 terminal and 2 different Expert Advisors to the second terminal with different parameters. From where signals will be copied. Share it with friends:.

Can this copier but used in MT5 non-hedge futures account? Talisson Vieira. Hi there, if you already a different EA on your chart. Can you use this as well? To copy to other accounts? MissMuffin : Hi there, if you already a different EA on your chart. Hi mate, How can I customise different risks on different client terminals?

What should be my settings in Risklot section? Hongyu Lin. Thank you so much. Is it possible? Which ones are compatible? Thank for your great job. Edwo Nur Rezky. Vladislav Andruschenko : Hello. Maybe you have requote on your client broker? Can you attach log file from terminal client? How should I formulate the text of the box: ChangingNamesSymbols? Hi, for example, the master account has opened 5 positions, but I want my client account to just start copy the 5th position and so on, and not copy the 1st to 4th positions from master account.

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