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Social trading platforms are available through Forex brokers as well as through several third party service providers that offer services such as mirror trading. Forex social networks are a fast emerging trend in the world of FX trading. · Currensee · MyFXBook · Forex Factory · MeetPips · FXSTAT · IBFX Connect. 5 Forex Social Networks to Try in · TradingView · Forex Factory · Myfxbook · onlineadvertisement.xyz · FXSTAT. 5 MINUTES FOREX STRATEGY Changes in resulting page. When these with a built-in address rights of the user that meet software features but I. You can is, however advisors recommend that could worldwide from edge locations.

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This was done with the hope of providing additional protection and reduce excess risk for clients on the platform. And so EU residents can only see and follow the top traders on the network, and these traders must meet some additional risk reduction parameters. The performance and tracking metrics that are available within the ZuluTrade platform are quite good.

Every trade that a provider takes is detailed along with all relevant data regarding the transaction. This makes the process of selecting traders to follow more efficient and transparent. You can choose from a larger list of forex brokers to connect to your ZuluTrade account.

They do have a default broker that they prefer clients connect to. You should realize that the performance that you achieve within your account may be slightly different than that of the signal provider. And this is due to the differing spread cost and slippage that can be experienced at different brokerage firms.

ZuluTrade has been working diligently over the years in introducing a complete set of risk management tools to help its clients customize various risk parameters across the portfolio and at the strategy level. In this regard it goes above and beyond most other copy trading platforms. The Tradency Mirror Trader platform is available through its broker partners. In this way it is unique from other social trading platforms. Since Tradency is essentially a technology provider, its license agreement is directly with its various broker partners, and its through these brokers that you can access Mirror Trader.

Because of this arrangement, there is no direct cost for using Tradency Mirror Trader platform. However depending on your broker, you may pay additional fees for the privilege of having access to Mirror Trader. You can access Tradency Mirror Trader platform via both a demo and live trading environment. The primary advantage of using Mirror Trader is that it allows you to gain access to various strategy providers that provide live social trading signals that you can copy inside your own account as well.

One of the more advanced features within Mirror Trader is the portfolio section. Within the portfolio area, you can build various trading strategies and apply specific rules for implementing them inside your own account. Currently there are over strategies available on the Mirror Trader platform. Tradency has a strict process for selecting signal providers. Those that are interested in becoming a signal provider with Tradency must meet certain requirements. One of which is that you must make a minimum of 30 trades in order to qualify.

If upon meeting this minimum trade requirement, and passing through the evaluation process, your strategy can be made available to potential clients. In addition to viewing the data within Mirror Trader, users have the option of exporting the data to Excel for further analysis and data crunching. One interesting feature of Mirror Trader which is quite different than many other platforms is that the performance of each strategy is evaluated at the instrument level rather than at the overall portfolio level.

This can be misleading at times, and so, copy traders should at least be aware of this calculation method. It however, is not a true social trading network, wherein, traders can communicate regularly with other traders or their strategy providers. PeepTrade is based in Chicago and was founded in It was founded as an online platform for constructing multiple asset class portfolios. PeepTrade is a unique player in the social trading world. PeepTrade does not offer that technical capability.

Instead PeepTrade allows its users to look inside the investment portfolios of top-ranked traders within its network. Because of this, PeepTrade tends to attract many different types of traders and investors to its social investment network. This includes those interested in forex, stocks, bonds, precious metals , and other commodities.

This includes the ability to comment, like, and reach out to other traders on the network. In addition the user will find various pertinent information within their stream. This includes technical and fundamental data, sentiment analysis , and posts from other users. This will allow you to initiate positions directly from the PeepTrade platform.

As mentioned, one of the biggest reasons for using the PeepTrade platform is in taking advantage of the vast array of information it makes available for various asset classes. Some of the data that you will gain access to would be the trade history, the current construction of the portfolio, and a chart which details a breakdown by asset class. While most other social trading platforms earn income directly from the spread or some other related fees, PeepTrade instead has decided to use advertising as its primary monetization strategy.

So essentially for the end user, the platform is free to use under the current arrangement. This platform appears to be well suited for both shorter-term traders and longer-term investors. Although the platform is not fully developed, it is in a niche of its own and has some advantages over its larger competitors. Collective2 is based in New York City and has been in business since They are a very popular social trading network for US residents, and currently have over 90, registered users on their platform.

Once you sign up for Collective2, you can register to be either a trade leader, a follower or both. You would get paid for trading social by selling your signals to your subscribers via monthly subscription fees. Currently there are no free demo accounts for the platform, so you must be a paying member in order to participate inside the social trading platform.

The fee structures are varied and depends on the level of service that you choose. Though Collective2 is recognized as a social trading platform, their core product offering revolves around their auto trading technology. Within this feature, users are able to choose from various strategies and automatically copy those trades within their brokerage account. Currently Collective2 has arrangements with more than a dozen different brokers.

This includes not only forex brokers, but also stock brokerages, futures brokerages, and options trading brokers. Additionally, there are various risk control parameters that will allow you to control your overall exposure to any particular strategy. Collective2 offers a very transparent tracking system for measuring the performance of each strategy provider.

Stocktwits was organized in by Howard Lindzon. It was created for the purpose of sharing trading and investing ideas in real time. This social trading platform is very similar in its layout to Twitter. Stocktwits users can share short messages around different trading instruments. One of the unique features of the Stocktwits platform is its use of hashtags.

Hashtags on Stocktwits are used in combination with stock tickers and other financial tickers. Once you log into your Stocktwits account you will have access to a wide array of streams. These streams essentially are organized in specific categories for efficient scanning. The current streams include the following — suggested, trending, equities, futures, forex, and charts.

In addition to displaying various messages in the streams, users can also communicate with other traders through messaging. Heat maps are useful in analyzing different sectors within the stock market to get a sense of which sector or sectors are most actively trading.

Best of all, Stocktwits is completely free to use. There is a strong sense of community within Stocktwits, and more experienced traders routinely make themselves available to questions or comments from their followers. Since Stocktwits is designed more around sharing of trading ideas, it does not have any formal method for copying trades from other traders. Instead, you would follow those traders whom you are most interested in via their feed, and manually initiate any trades that you find appropriate within your own account.

For the most part, Stocktwits is a well-run social trading website, that gets millions of impressions every month. Trade is based in Cyprus and was founded in Trade offers a proprietary crowd trading platform that is named Crowd Trader. The Crowd Trader platform has within it various trading tools and indicators to help users arrive at a trading decision.

One of the better known proprietary tools that they offer is a sentiment based indicator that has a fairly good track record of anticipating future price moves. Users also have the option to start with a demo account to test drive the platform. Within the crowd trader social platform, a trader has access to over different trading instruments including currency pairs, stock indexes CFDs, and commodities products.

Trade is a unique social platform in that it provides its users with automated trade signals based on their proprietary algorithm. It is then up to each trader to decide if and how to use each of these system generated signals. Trade is available both as a desktop and mobile application. In general, Trade offers less features than many other similar trading networks, however for those interested in sentiment based system signals, they may be worth looking into.

SwipeStox is an innovative mobile app. The company has set out to build the best social trading app that can connect traders. SwipeStox is the product of Naga group. They are seeking to make trading more widely available and more user-friendly for new clients. Within the mobile app, users can vote on various trading ideas by swiping left or right. Users can also select the, copy trade option, which will automatically copy a trade idea and allow for certain customizations such as trade size.

One nice feature within the platform is the risk to reward display. Essentially this feature allows a trader to evaluate the risk reward parameters for a trade idea prior to executing it within their account. The primary advantage of SwipeStox is its simple and clean mobile trading interface, and easy process for selecting, and evaluating a potential trade. Myfxbook is a popular forex social trading platform. Its main product offering is an auto trading service, wherein you can choose to copy the signals of one of its many providers.

This can be done by connecting your account with one of its many partner brokerage firms. Myfxbook typically gets compensated for its services through commission rebates from its various partner brokers. Myfxbook has a higher minimum deposit requirement compared with other online social trading networks.

Once you have signed up and funded your account, you can begin to subscribe to one of the many systems that are listed within MyFXbook network. They have a fairly stringent vetting policy to ensure that each of the systems promoted within its network has a solid track record with acceptable risk parameters. For example, in order for a system to qualify, it must have been traded from a real money account for a period of at least three months and have a minimum of trades posted.

Furthermore, the average time duration for the trade must be at least five minutes, and the average win per trade must be at least 10 pips. These requirements make it very difficult for nonperforming systems to make it into the list, and available to potential traders for use in their own accounts. Since the forex market prices are constantly moving and changing instantly, you need to make sure you get the right price on the copy trades. In addition, Overall, FXCM offers the best copy trading feature that is powered by an artificial intelligence machine.

Clients should bear in mind that the signal service offered through Trading Central cannot be considered as investment advice! Darwinex was chosen for offering the most extensive and most active social copy trading network. Darwinex is an innovative online brokerage that links experienced traders who operate in the global financial markets with investor capital.

DARWIN lets you tap into the expertise of professional traders and automatically replicate their performance. The latter is a tradable asset, based on a trader who trades at Darwinex, or on an automated strategy. Their underlying instruments can be currency pairs, shares, commodities, or stock indices. Darwinex will charge investors an annual 1.

The main incentive for traders is to remain consistently profitable. All in all, Darwinex is an unorthodox marketplace for social trading solutions. Unlike traditional social trading platforms, Darwinex does not allow social interactions between traders and investors.

ZuluTrade is one of the leading social trading platforms, which enables IC Markets clients to select from , experienced traders from countries and trade based on their trading signals free of charge. Auto-trading with the ZuluTrade platform is an appropriate solution for people who do not have the time to establish and test trading strategies of their own, as well as for Forex traders who wish to get rid of the emotional factor in trading.

IC Markets clients can choose experienced traders to follow based on their Zulu Rank. Forex signal providers are ranked based on analysis of their overall performance, exposure, stability, minimum equity required, among other factors.

Another valuable feature of this social trading platform includes the so-called Zulu Guard. ZuluTrade also offers a simulative tool, with which IC Markets clients can test possible earnings or losses of particular strategies on their account without the need to go live. Overall, IC Markets is the best fit for ZuluTrade due to low spreads, reduced slippage, fast withdrawals, superior technology, fast execution and a solid client base of , active traders. Register for a FREE demo account by clicking the button below.

Since the broker uses a vast pool of liquidity providers, it is able to offer spreads on major currency pairs that start from 0. In other words, perfect conditions for short-term trading systems — day trading and scalping copy trades. With AutoTrade, provided by Myfxbook. Clients do not have to rent a VPS of their own, since everything they need will be provided. Fusion Markets was selected as the best forex broker compatible with DupliTrade. DupliTrade is a popular automated trading software that focuses entirely on copy trading features and discounts the social aspect.

We should note that DupliTrade hand-picks and recommends only traders with a proven track record and considerable trading experience. Another advantage is that the platform allows clients to automate their trading with ease on their account with Fusion Markets by using trading signals from selected successful traders. All in all, Fusion Markets offers a trading environment that is conducive to automated copy trading.

Trading costs are low, the trading software infrastructure is solid, and the broker follows strict regulatory guidelines. Similar to other Forex brokers, Fusion Markets allows clients to get a taste of copy trading on a free demo account before they start trading with real money. AvaTrade is among the top CFD and Forex brokers globally, as it is regulated on five continents and has offices in nine countries. The brokerage is fully compliant with regulatory standards of some of the most reputable regulatory agencies.

MQL5 is fully integrated with MT4 and MT5, thus allowing AvaTrade clients to subscribe to trading signals from a plethora of providers without leaving their trading platform. MQL5 brings a number of benefits to traders, such as no hidden fees or commissions, no minimum deposit requirement and a faster signal execution due to its global cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, since AvaTrade has no restrictions on scalping or short selling and offers competitive spreads across its list of Forex and CFD products, clients can choose from a multitude of trading systems and styles, which to copy. Established in , Markets. The www. The social trading feature along with the trading signals is powered through MQL5 signal service.

With Markets. Signal providers can be selected based on their trading history, the number of subscribers, growth percentage, funds under management or maximum drawdown. Additionally, the variety of Forex and CFD products available over 2, tradable instruments coupled with a full suite of technical indicators, opens the door to countless trading systems that could be copied.

Yet, retail clients should bear in mind that the trading signals service cannot be considered as investment advice and they may act on signals at their own risk. Additionally, traders can opt for Markets. View Market. A social trading platform is a piece of software that allows traders to interact with one another, share their trading ideas, issue trade signals, comment, automated copy trading and mirror trading in real-time.

Check out a list of forex brokers that offer access to signals providers: Best Forex Signals Providers. Based on analytical tools, risk management tools, the network of professional traders, auto-copy trading feature and compatibility with the most popular trading platforms, MyFxBook AutoTrade followed by MQL5 and Duplitrade are the best forex social trading platforms.

All reviews and ratings on Compare Forex Brokers are compiled using our proprietary scoring system. We based our selection of best forex social trading platforms based on popularity, range of tools, network of traders, copy trading features, trading costs and so much more. Overall, Pepperstone offers a diverse list of social networks that are complemented by superior trading conditions.

On the other hand, eToro has one of the largest social networks, but it comes with higher trading costs, while IC Markets is the best choice for the social trading platform ZuluTrade. Online trading with the help of social trading carries high risk. Over-leveraging, reckless trading, human factor, software errors and so much more can hinder your success. Cryptocurrency Trading Disclaimer : Due to the imposed ban on cryptocurrency trading, FCA regulated forex brokers are prohibited to offer crypto-assets to UK retail traders.

Justin Grossbard has been investing for the past 20 years and writing for the past He co-founded Compare Forex Brokers in after working with the foreign exchange trading industry for several years. He and his wife Paula live in Melbourne, Australia with his son and Siberian cat. In his spare time, he watches Australian Rules Football and invests on global markets. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

By continuing to browse you accept our use of cookies. Best Forex Social Trading Platform Good forex social trading platforms include tools that enable copy trading and to socialise and learn from and the best traders. Justin Grossbard Justin Grossbard has been investing for the past 20 years and writing for the past What Changed? Fact Checked We double-check broker fee details each month which is made possible through partner paid advertising. Learn more this here.

Visit Site. Our Rating. Review Of Pepperstone. Review Of eToro. Review Of IC Markets. FP Markets Review. The vast majority of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

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