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From allowable deductions to deferred compensation, learn how to fully leverage these financial opportunities. However, I did interview three retired San Francisco police officers who are professional tax preparers, and each officer has been a professional tax preparer for several years.

James Barron, Officer Duane Collins and Inspector Ned Totah have been professional tax preparers for several years and they are very familiar with the tax deductions that the IRS allows police officers and public safety officials.

James Barron told me that Schedule A Form is the form to use to figure your itemized deductions. A native New Yorker, Sgt. James Barron at the age of 14 was taught by his father how to prepare his own taxes when he got his first job and entered the workforce. In , James Barron attended the University of California at Berkeley and studied business administration.

James Barron continued to prepare his own taxes throughout his year career as a street cop and he also assisted his fellow police officers with the preparation and filing of their taxes. Barron earned a disability retirement. Schedule A Form offers a lot of tax incentives for police officers if they own a home and are thorough in documenting their miscellaneous deductions. A police officer can use Schedule A for work related deductions such as uniforms and equipment.

If an officer can produce his dry cleaning receipts, the cost of cleaning his police uniform is also a tax-deductible expense. Other allowable deductions are union dues, a safe deposit box, attending a three day work related educational seminar where your entire airfare and hotel accommodations are deductible and 50 percent of your meals are deductible.

A police officer is also permitted to deduct the cost of one off-duty hand gun per year. The equipment for that off duty personal gun such as the holster, ankle or shoulder, and the bullets for the gun are also tax deductible. A police officer's transportation costs to their normal work station from home is not tax deductible. However, if a police officer is not going to their normal work station e.

The key to effectively using Schedule A is in keeping good records and receipts. Officer Collins is the owner of Collins Tax Consulting which specializes in tax preparation for law enforcement personnel. Officer Collins is a firm believer in a police officer contributing to their b deferred compensation plan. In October, he went to Honolulu, Hawaii with his bride for their honeymoon. Officer Duane Collins said that he would suggest that anytime a police officer worked overtime and made approximately 15KK in that year, it would be wise for them to put that money in their deferred compensation account.

He said that a police officer should get use to living within his salary income and not on his overtime income. And, as you approach retirement from the police department pay off all of your credit card debt, automobiles, ski boats, and motor homes.

Officer Collins also suggests if possible, try to double up on contributions to your deferred compensation account the last three years before you retire. His goal was to be a good officer and to retire at age Inspector Ned Totah achieved both of his goals and in February, he retired from the department. Inspector Totah has always loved numbers and high-technology toys.

His father taught him at an early age the value of money and saving. During his police career he would prepare his own taxes and those of his fellow officers. In addition to tax preparation he can now represent clients before the IRS at administrative hearings. Inspector Totah is a big advocate of police officers developing good tax habits such as record keeping of all receipts, mileage books for transportation and maximizing contributions to the b deferred compensation plan.

He suggests that police officers live within their salary and put at least one half of their raises into their deferred compensation account. The purchase of a home is a great way to build equity over the long term. Police officers work in a mentally, physically, and emotionally-demanding field. Some of the most important qualities that a police officer must possess include:.

The above list holds the most important qualities of a police officer. If you strive to become an officer of the law, you must know how to work well with others, to uphold respect for people and the law, and to have the mental, emotional, and physical capacity to serve your community. While all the above traits are all important, there are certain characteristics in this list that are especially valued and often evaluated by modern police departments.

These include:. Police officers must be able to communicate in a clear, concise, and confident manner. Whether they are speaking with a citizen, at a public event, or with other members of law enforcement, they must be able to deliver information clearly and accurately. This means they must also have great respect for, and an understanding of, people of all different backgrounds, cultures, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs.

Police officers must always be able to work under pressure, to maintain composure, and to have sound judgement and decision-making skills during times of need. They must be able to reason, to weigh the consequences, and to consider alternatives, before deciding on the most logical course of action. Without sound judgment, rationalization, and composure, situations can escalate and cost lives.

Police officers must care about their communities, but also understand the issues and concerns that exist within it. This goes beyond basic law enforcement. They must also establish a trusting partnership with community members. In policing, there must be an in-depth understanding of the law. The law can be taught. However, there must also be a strong sense of ethics, which is not as easily learned. Those who have a good morale and sense of ethics, that can also be balanced with the law, will find the greatest success as a police officer.

At the end of the day, police officers need to be resolute, steady, confident, and motivated to carry out their work. Even when faced with adversities or limited resources, police officers must persevere to accomplish their mission or purpose. Every state in the U. This is to ensure the right people are on the job and devoted to their job. As of March , the State of Connecticut requires applicants meet the following qualifications to become a police officer:.

Additionally, in order to be accepted into the police academy in Connecticut candidates must also:. While the above is a list of minimum requirements for the state, individual law enforcement agencies can set their own, stricter requirements, as well. More agencies and departments, for example, are starting to seek higher levels of postsecondary education among their applicants. Becoming a police officer is a competitive feat. On top of this, police officers can expect exceptional benefits like comprehensive medical coverage, extensive paid time off, state pension and other retirement aid, as well as tuition reimbursement for those who pursue a college degree.

In fact, more and more police officers are now seeking out a college education, as employers seek more qualified candidates for this job.

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