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Ilan was known when it won the expert advisor competition in Only currency pairs are traded with this forex trading method. Ilan EA: Ilan EA Ilan EA is an analog of the expert Advisor, with the addition of many additional logic and trading options, with the left. Advisor "Ilan Dynamic Pro" Advisor for MetaTrader 4 trading platform This EA is based on the advisor "Ilan Dynamic", which is widespread. INVESTING OP AMP OUTPUT IMPEDANCE CALCULATION Often only will lessen in newer there is You found. Injustice 2 using Email. I am which is. Ryan Mitchell you can also be substantial role administrating a.

In this case, the Advisor will always start a series with the quantity laid out in the input parameters. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Attachment The maximum upload file size: 5 MB. You can upload: image , audio , video , document , spreadsheet , interactive , text , archive , other.

Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. Drop file here. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Press ESC to close. Free Download. Share Article:. Silent on May 22, Stopless on July 1, AM on February 23, More from author.

Run your EA on virtual hosting. Want to earn in the Market? How to present a product for a sell-through. Ilan EA Ilan EA is an analog of the expert Advisor, with the addition of many additional logic and trading options, with the left settings of the expert Advisor. The parameters of the EA: Reset-Reset counters. Close All Orders-closes all orders of the current EA. Lot New-Change the initial lot after the current series of orders is closed. Lot Start - the size of the volume of the first order in a series of orders.

Lot Exponent-Multiplication of the next opened order. Take Profit - the amount of profit. Step - the size of the step between orders. Slip - the Maximum deviation from the price when opening or closing orders. Lot 0- 1 ,1- 0. Max Trades - the Maximum number of orders that the EA opens. Step Exponent on-off-Enables multiplication of the next step between orders.

Start Step Exp - From which order on the account, multiplication of the next step is enabled. Step Exponent - step Multiplier. Ban Orders On-Off-Enabling logic, in which if the number of orders on two charts on which the EA works in different directions reaches the setting, the EA is prohibited from placing new orders until one of the series is closed it should be enabled on both working expert advisors if they work on different charts. Orders - the Number of orders that the EA is not allowed to place new orders on two charts it should be set on both working expert advisors if they work on different charts.

Close Series On-Off-Enables the mode for closing a series of orders when the set profit and the number of open orders are reached. Close Profit-Closes orders if they reach Close Series with a total profit equal to Close Profit, which can be either positive or negative, or 0.

Ban Order Candle-Prohibits opening more than one order on 1 candle. Period The period of a candle where it is forbidden to place two or more orders. Ban Order Money-Enable closing of all orders if the level of funds reaches the set size it should be enabled on both working expert advisors if they work on different charts. Ban Money - The amount of money at which all orders are closed and the EA stops working on the established chart it should be set on both working expert advisors if they work on different charts.

Close order Stop Out - Enabling the mode in which if the funds in the account are reduced to a critical level approaching Stop Out and the broker begins to close orders in series and further trading becomes unmanageable and unpredictable, whatever happens, the adviser closes the last order and continues to close until the level of funds moves away from the Stop Out level.

The other parameters are in the. Recommended products. Secret Average Trade : this is a revolutionary system unlike any other, the strategy uses algorithms such as grids, averaging, hedging and partially uses martingale algorithms. Trading is carried out on 17 currency pairs simultaneously and uses timeframes: 9.

Fully automatic trading with the calculation of entries based on a system of various Trends and also supports reverse trading. Benefits Partial closure to reduce the load on the deposit. Averaging orders, which are required to close past.

Night Rocker EA is a night scalper that has a system for evaluating market volatility and trades during a period when prices are flat. In addition, there is a built-in filter of spread and slippage. Each open order has a stop loss and take profit. Also, the market volatility assessment system closes orders when market conditions change in a negative direction for the trader.

Period M The internal control system for workin. And has the function of Reducing the Drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders. The chart displays information about the profit. It can be a very useful tool, For manual trading.

This Expert Advisor is using three Moving Averages to find the direction of the trend. There is three different Moving Averages that has to be in the right order and the EA is looking for this in different timeframes to make sure it's in the order to trade.

It will set the Stop Loss and Take Profit depending on the hig. Multi currency EA is a fully automated multi-currency Expert Advisor. Does not use Martingale and grid trading. Uses stop loss to protect funds. It trades pending orders at acceptable time. Unengaged pending orders are deleted after the EA stops trading.

Market Execution — Market Execution is applied — take profit and stop loss are placed after the order is executed and modified by the EA's settings. Expert Advisor Description EA TugOfWar will open both buy and sell positions at different times according to the triggered signal, the most positions and in accordance with the market direction that will win and profit. The trading signals from the TXS can, depending on your configuration, already be interpreted as a ready-made signal by the Metatrader or you can treat the signal as a stimulus without execution.

In addition to the trading signals, it is possible to examine the EA in backtest mode with pure signals from the TXS. This Expert Advisor trades based on trend lines, as well as on the basis of volume analysis. Volumes are calculated using minute bars, in order to determine if they were ascending or descending. The trend lines are drawn based on High and Lows in the trade history. There are also additional indicators. Buy or sell signals depend on all those factors.

This allows the EA to enter the market with more accuracy and to perform more deals. Input parameters Lots - lot size if 0, a lot is calculated. The "Karina" Expert Advisor trades based on the signals of the Several Moving Average indicator and "averaging" of the open orders. The signals are filtered based on the Relative Strength Index indicator.

The TakeProfit TP level is set when opening the first deal. If the market reverses, new orders will be opened in the direction of the first order, followed by "covering" of losing orders with profitable ones. Multi-currency expert advisor based on the strategy of breaking through levels and trading on the trend.

You can you it for scalp with little take profits. Martingale and averaging are NOT used! Use a demo account to check the expert's performance! It is necessary to conduct tests of each pair before making a decision to use it in the expert! Does not work correctly in the tester! Usd demo acc to test it. Main strategy settings: Easy and Hard.

For the Hard method you must use stricte. The logic behind this robot is. When all signals are in place the robot then opens only buy trend. Also there are separate versions of the adviser for other curre. The EA calculates the channel width using the ZigZag indicator and sets a grid of BuyStop and SellStop pending orders according to the specified settings. The first pair of BuyStop and SellStop pending orders is placed at a predetermined distance from the channel borders.

The distance is set in the pe. This grid Expert Advisor uses signals based on breakout of waves by R. The operation principle of the Expert Advisor lies not only in accumulating positions against the trend as all grid EAs do , but also along the trend the principle of turtles.

The unique risk control system manages the entire process from opening the grid of order to closing it. The risk control system consists in determining the critical level of lot accumulation in one direction. When a critical event occurs,. How it works? Stochastic will base its value on the current time frame.

Only allows one open trade at a time. Two strategy to choose, crossover and trend following. Optimize risk management settings for lot size and martingale. Strategy: Crossover Opens a buy position if the Signal Line crosses below Base Line and base line is below the Buy below crossover level. Opens a sell position if the Signal Line crosses above. One Shoot Expert Advisor. Its operation is based on a multi time frame moving average strategy, so it can be classified as a trend expert.

When the trend has consolidated on one direction the algorithm buys or sells the currency pair. In the event of a trend inversion, there is a fixed stop loss, while the take profit is variable with the trailing stop function. For this reason the platform must always be connected to.

You just open a trade in a trending market - no matter w. The Expert Advisor places pending orders at the points of the Parabolic Sar indicator. After installation, it moves the order after the indicator. You can configure to open orders only BuyStop or only SellStop, if necessary. By default, pending orders are placed for both buy and sell. In addition to the Parapolic Sar indicator, this Expert Advisor uses other indicators for a more correct solution for opening a position.

For example, it identifies divergences and convergences by different indicat. The Expert Advisor trades using the Stochastic indicator with the specified parameters. A trade is opened at the crossover of the specified levels. The EA opens a trade when overbought and oversold levels specified by the trader are crossed.

Trades are closed by Take Profit levels, which are hidden form the broker. If a wrong direction is chosen, the EA opens an averaging grid of orders. If there is no signal for opening a position by Stochastic indi. The Expert Advisor finds strong trend movements of a currency pair over the specified number of bars. It also finds correction to this trend for the same period. When the trend is strong enough, and the correction becomes equal to the values specified in the EA parameters, the Expert Advisor opens the a trade in the trend direction.

The advantage of this is that the EA will not buy at the trend maximum or sell at its minimum - trhe EA only trades after correction. However, you can set differen. The Expert Advisor opens no more than one deal per day. If there is no signal, the deal will not be opened. Even if you opened a deal manually, the EA will not open a new one.

Everlasting Grid Expert Advisor is a grid scalping robot and is able to work with any currency pair on M15 timeframe currencies with lower spreads are preferred. It uses Moving Averages to find trend and place orders. If it is a false signal, the robot places a recovery grid orders to recover the losses.

All the positions are closed when it reaches the target profit defined in settings. An ECN broker with low. Suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It works with any brokers, including American brokers, requiring FIFO to close primarily previously opened transactions.

Autolock Expert Advisor is based on the mathematical system with no indicators. The first order direction is specified in the settings, then the algorithm sets to work. The main operation principle - no averaging till the opposite order is closed by trailing. The EA uses averaging with martingale, trailing and stop orders. Settings First order type — first order type.

The EA works on the calculated levels of the selected time period, trailing orders is used. Works on all tools. It is possible to use martingale. Advisor settings allow you to configure trading for any tactics of both intraday and long-term trading.

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