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Exactly — self-love and self-sufficiency. You have to really talk to yourself. People must remember that it is very important to spend time communicating with yourself. When it comes to work, the best thing is that everything is basically online right now and that helps keep everyone connected. We have to accept the fact that this is going to be the new norm and speaking as both an entrepreneur and a regular person, we have to try to work around this in order to move forward with an open mind.

I always enjoy taking time for myself apart from work. I find working out to be a great way for me to spend time with myself. So in the morning, I enjoy doing strength workout. But at night, I love going for spin classes to drain the excess energy out. It goes back to being a blogger and social media influencer. I also try to include some creativity into my content and I felt it is something natural for me to express my ideas. Now, we have about 10 people in the team.

At the moment, I think the challenge would be managing the growth that I believe will take place very soon. This whole experience has been something that is very new for me. I also believe that it is not just about starting a brand, but you also need to know your brand well, understand it, and put your creative spin to every aspect of the business. I just simply loved fashion. At the moment, we cannot create something and expect it to sell.

So what we are doing is to create products with high demands — something that people want or need. You are doing great! At the moment, I am really happy for being who I am right now. I think I will tell people to stop judging. When you stop judging, you will feel much better. I think one should have empathy. Everyone and every business are different. Always communicate with yourself and try out different things. People are not born knowing everything themselves, but you need new experiences to spark new ideas.

Yes, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Martin Teo. Share this article. Next article. What have you been up to recently? What have you not accomplished that you want to? What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you like what you see? Jane dressed in Gucci Epilogue. And, if he does, will Lily be able to resist?

Evading the Duke contains Come to think of it, neither was the second which led to a hasty marriage followed by three years of speculation as to why the two were never seen in the same room. But that's all about to change When an anonymous letter of admiration—and scandalous invitation—arrives for Charlotte, James realizes this might be his chance to start over, and thus begins The Wooing Game.

At least he's fairly certain the girl across St. Paul's is the same one depicted in the scandalous painting he owns back in the Caribbean. But how can he be sure? And why would a lady pose for such a Jordan Trent, the spare, was raised to be a rake. Not only did his father encourage his roguish life, but insisted that Jordan enjoy the life of women, gambling and fine brandy — the life his father had wanted. It is a life Jordan enjoyed until he realized something, or someone, very important was missing.

Miss Audrey Montgomery had been warned to avoid rakes like Jordan T. When a fall through an icy lake lands her in the arms of a handsome Scot, her future is more unsure than ever. Lachlan Grant, the Marquess of Brachton, may hold an English title, but he's a Scot through and through. He's bound and determined to marry a lass just as Scottish as he is. And why would a lady pose for such a painting?

Lady Jillian Simpson has made many mistakes in her life, but the worst was falling for an artist who took advantage of her trust. She is fairly certain her father has found and destroyed all of the paintings, all but one, at least until she encounters the dashing Mr. Storm and learns another exists.

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