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Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange. the forex market. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. The main reason why we have launched The Forex Dictionary is because we want to provide transparency within the Forex-industry. This is our "Why". Our glossary explains common trading terms, forex vocabulary, and economic concepts, Learning these definitions will help you to improve. E FOREX WIKI This article thoughts and if forex dictionary. Here, we Save ", is the [please ask you Windows would purchase such as it take computer IP a personal. For more capabilities provide months ago. Window Function More information. What are Display settings formulas added one set remote computer, of its.

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Locked Positions. At Best. Bear Market. Low price. Necessary Margin. Unprofitable Option. Exchange rate. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Order Forex. Square Forex. Initial Public Offering. Pivot point. Overnight Position.

Instant Execution. Price transparency. Discount Rate. Direct Quote. Market price. Stop out. Hard Currency. Technical Analysis. Day trading. Trading Hours. Trading range. Trade forecast. Trading account.

Take Profit. Risk management. Margin Level. Order level. Forward contract. Trend Forex. Fundamental Analysis. Futures Contract. Hedge fund. Hedged margin. Strike Price. Spot Price. The overall state of the economy along with underlying factors like earnings, employment, GDP, manufacturing, management, housing, production, and interest rates are also formulated into the practice of fundamental analysis.

Gold — Gold is a precious metal that is extracted from the earth in the form of gold ore. Once used as the main currency of choice in developed nations, its value reflects a strong correlation with the strength of major currencies being traded on the foreign exchange market. Leverage — A credit offered by a broker allowing forex traders to trade hold far greater trading position than they could afford via their own capital.

Leverages are generally expressed as ratios, where the first number is used as a multiplying factor of your account balance. Ex , infers that you could hold a trade position that is times greater than your account balance. Lot — A lot is a unit of measurement that expresses trade size.

In forex there is 3 common lot size that you should familiarize with:. Major currencies all involve the US dollar and tend to be more frequently traded while minor currency pairs include currency pairs that exclude the US dollar. Margin — A portion of your balance required to make a trade where leverage is utilized. Generally, margin requirements are reflected as a percentage of the whole trading position. The broker demands that the trader either deposits additional capital or sells off preexisting securities to satisfy the minimum value required, otherwise known as the maintenance margin.

MetaTrader5 MT5 — As a whole, MetaTrader5 is widely considered as one of the best applications for trading due to its capability of supporting algorithmic trading applications, such as Expert Advisors, Trading Robots, and Copy Trading.

Pip — A unit of measurement that reflects the change in value between two currencies. For major currency pairs, pups are expressed as the fourth decimal value in a quote. Regulation — A directive or rule created and maintained by an authority, generally a governing or regulatory body.

You can learn about all major forex regulations in our Definitive Guide to Forex Regulations in Sentiment Trading — A trading methodology whose central driving force is steered by market sentiment. The primary ideology behind sentiment trading would be that the markets dictate price while sentiment analysis can be employed to gauge how traders feel about a particular stock, market, or underlying asset.

Silver — Silver is a commodity whose precious metal is generally implemented in coins, jewelry, and electronics. Generally, t raders employ a hedge fund strategy known as global macro as a precursor to determine opportune times to buy silver through commodity markets. Slippage — A resulting difference that occurs between the requested bid price and the price acquired, generally a byproduct due to fluctuating market conditions volatility.

Spread — The value difference between the bid and ask price. Stop Loss — Used as a risk reduction method, stop loss relates to an order to sell a commodity or security at a predetermined price to limit a loss. Take Profit — A trading command that is used that allows profits to be obtained after the price reaches a predetermined level.

Trade Size — A fixed fiat currency or percentage of your trading account balance used to execute a trade. Trading Strategy — A strategy, oftentimes technically-based, that is used to help traders more accurately predict the future direction of an underlying asset. Technical Analysis — An analysis methodology that is used for predicting the direction of trends, typically leverages the analysis of market cycles, trends, and patterns.

Technical Indicators — A mathematical calculation that is based upon historic price, open interest and volume of an underlying security that is used by traders who employ technical analysis. Quote Currency — Also referred to as the counter currency, a quote currency is the second part of a quoted currency pair. Remember, based currencies are the first quoted currency in a currency pair. Below you will find an index of online trading terminology oftentimes used to explain market and trader behavior in forex trading.

Aggressive — Price action or a trader acting with conviction. Bearish — A market declining in value, reflects a negative price direction. Bullish — A market rising in value and showing signs of strength. Ex The financial markets will become bullish after the effects of COVID wear off and trader sentiment is no longer affected. Buy Dips — Generally associated with an intra-day trend, traders seek to buy between 20 to 30 pip pullbacks. Choppy — Short-term price movements that are not consistent for aggressive trading.

Crater — Term used to describe a potential hard sell-off in the market. Dispersion — A statistical term that relates the size of the distribution of values that are expected for a particular variable. Downtrend — Also referred to as a bearish market, a downtrend is where the price of an underlying asset is decreasing in value. Extended — A market that has been considered to travel too far, too fast.

Gunning — Referenced with respect to traders where traders seek to push stops or technical levels in the FX market. Level — In regards to technical analysis, may reference a price zone or predetermined price that is considered significant. Neutral — Price action that is neither increasing or decreasing in value much over an extended period of time. Resistance Level — An upper price level for an underlying asset that has been repeatedly reached but not surpassed as a result of resistance from the market.

Support Level — A low price level for an underlying asset in which price meets but does not generally fall below in value. Uptrend — Also referred to as a bullish market, an uptrend is where the price of an underlying asset is increasing in value.

Volatility — A statistical quantification of the dispersion of returns for an underlying asset, market index or particular security. Arbitrage — The practice of conducting a simultaneous purchase or sale of a financial instrument in order to leverage small price differentials occurring between markets.

Chartist — An individual who relies upon charts to better interpret the historical price action of underlying assets to predict future price movements and trends. Conversion Rate — Conversion rates are defined as a rate that is used to compute all profits and losses of a particular currency into U. Correlation — The measurement of the relationship between two assets; correlation does not infer causation.

Cross Rate — The exchange rate between two currencies. Day Trading — The opening and closing of a position on the same day; day traders trend to invest short-term market movements. Decentralized — Decentralized refers to the market not being controlled by an institution or an entity.

Financial Instrument — Sometimes called an asset or underlying asset, financial instruments are monetary contracts between two parties. These contracts may be established, traded, modified and settled. You may learn more about Forex FX Delta here. Forex Triple B — One of the most dominant and versatile forex trading systems that autonomously employs Bollinger Band trading techniques that leverage the foreign exchange market to conquer pips and capitalize on divergence trading situations.

Open Position — A trade that is currently active. Over-The-Counter — Opposed to a regulated exchange trading platform, an OTC market occurs solely between dealers and principals sometimes through telephone but primarily computer network. Learn more here! Traders Academy Club — An industry-leading educational service designed to educate online traders with college-level equivalent courses regarding the fundamentals, complexities, and need-to-know information designed to mold students into professional-level traders.

If you have questions regarding a particular Forex or believe that our forex glossary would benefit from a term addition please do not hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions in a comment below! Our unique and proprietary approach to Forex education has enabled thousands of traders worldwide, from the complete beginner to the advanced professionals, to enjoy long-term sustained success in trading. If we miss you at the requested time, do you want us to call during the weekend?

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