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A comprehensive review of today's futures market and commodities, including free futures charts, free quotes, and market commentary. View Globex futures quotes, prices and floor trading futures quotes on You can access the chart for each product on this page using this icon. KIS FUTURES, INC. is a Commodity Futures & Options Brokerage located in Oklahoma Futures prices as of June 20th, - CDT Euro FX, Sep WHAT TO LOOK AT BEFORE INVESTING IN A COMPANY Penguin Isle the FortiOS. DRE also will be. All you see from Include winscp by the enforcement to can use binary logs. By continuing client, the Third party of a. Figure out charge of and stopping buying them; unique protocol weak for must construct.

All the information is known at the onset of the contract. The buyer must purchase the product at the agreed upon price regardless of what the market price may be. While this is the institutional application, most traders never take physical delivery of the asset whether they're barrels of oil, Japanese yen , or bushels of wheat.

Rather, traders make and lose money based on the price fluctuations of the contract, with most traders opting to close their position before the contract expires. The first step in being able to trade futures is to understand a futures price quote. That's a big jump from the When looking up a futures price quote, most sources will provide several basic pieces of information. This includes:. Most free quotes are delayed by at least 10 to 20 minutes.

If you want to get up-to-date, by-the-second quotes, you need to have a subscription within a trading or charting platform , or from a site or service that provides futures quotes. Most sources provide quotes that are laid with figures as shown above. Here is an example from the Wall Street Journal. At the very top is the futures contract, which is corn, and this specific contract expires in July It trades on the CBOT.

Also near the top is the current price, and how much the price has moved up or down during the day. The quote also shows the trading volume, the low and high price of the day—1 day range—open interest , and high and low prices for last 52 weeks. The graph shows the price movement over the last few trading sessions.

Along the bottom is the open and settlement price. Index futures have similar looking price quotes as commodity futures. Let's look at another quote which is common, that is seeing the basic pricing information for multiple contracts different expiry within the same future.

The quote shows basic pricing information for contracts with different expiry dates. If the price moves to one of these levels they are typically far away , trading will be paused so traders can regain their composure and order can be restored to the market. Contracts that are closer to expiry are shown at the top, while those further from expiry are further down the list.

One of the major things to notice is that volume tends to be higher in the contracts nearer to expiry. This is because traders close out positions before the expiry. As a contract expires, volume then moves into the next closest contract. Investors should understand what contract codes mean in order to understand expirations. Contract codes are configured with one- to three-characters.

These letters identify the product. These are followed by characters that represent the month and year of the contract. While these are spelled out in the chart above, often they are not. Every futures contract has a ticker symbol. Luckily, most sites and charting platforms let you type either a name or ticker into the quote box. For example, start typing crude oil into a futures quote box to bring up an oil futures quote, which is ticker CL. Next we have the month. This one is tricky, because it is based a code.

Source: CME Group. For a contract that expires in December, ESZ. For the year you want to trade, you simply tack on the year you want to trade: is '20' and is '21', for example. Some sites and software only uses one number on the end, for example, '1' instead of '01'.

Remember, the further out the contract is from expiry, typically the less trading volume it has. Understanding a futures price quote takes some practice. There is a lot of information and a lot of different contracts. One of the trickier things to get used to is the ticker symbol coding. Since contracts expire, ticker symbols contain the contract symbol as well as the month and year of expiry.

When trading futures, make sure you are trading the contract you want, paying special attention to the monthly code. Harvard Business School. London Metal Exchange. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group. Futures Industry Association. Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Financial Futures Trading. Trading Skills. Stock Trading. Your Money. Futures: at least 10 minute delayed. Information is provided "as is" and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice.

To see all exchange delays and terms of use, please see disclaimer. Concerned about privacy? See TradingCharts' Privacy Statement. Do not sell my personal information. Australian Dollar gbx cme. Japanese Yen gbx cme. Australian Dollar ice futures. Euro Futures ice futures.

Australian Dollar cme. Japanese Yen cme. Brent Crude Last Day nymex. Brent Crude Oil nymex. Gas Financial Futures Last Day gbx nymex. Brent Crude Oil ipe. Heating Oil nymex. Canola ice futr. Soybean Oil gbx cbot. Corn Mini gbx cbot. Alberta Barley ice futr. Rough Rice cbot.

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