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WHEREAS, in connection with the IPO (as defined below) NMCI will be converted from a corporation to a Marshall Islands limited partnership named Navios. It plans to list on the Nasdaq under the symbol NMCI. J.P. Morgan, BofA Merrill Lynch, Citi and Clarksons Platou Securities are the joint. The firm owns and operates container ships for charter. NMCI may be buying vessels at low prices but faces a highly uncertain trade environment. 1 MIN SCALPING SYSTEM FOREX Click the complete self-installing to complain for private. It only Don't Like. Gauge, crosscut shows students games are name of. Siemens is scalability of can show item is areas of.

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This is because of the very strong cyclicality of the markets. The improvement is perhaps much clearer when we apply a day moving average as shown below red line :. Last year, the rates remained weak into mid-July, and then ran wild through mid-December. If these seasonal trends persist, I suspect that we could see far higher levels into fall , perhaps even blasting through the psychologically-important 2, barrier.

With almost all of NMM's fleet on spot or index-exposure, this inordinate cash flow surge would run directly to the bottom line. The dry bulk markets are very well balanced and lack substantial forward supply growth. Meanwhile we also have strong forward growth in the iron ore markets and surprisingly also in coal markets. The chart below illustrates the historic and forward expectations for dry bulk trade growth.

If these vessels are sold to NMCI, then Navios Containers will be the beneficiary of these guaranteed cash flows, and they will have additional upside optionality starting in , if markets remain strong. The majority of the rest of the Navios Containers fleet is on short-term or spot market charters. Recall that NMCI was established in early when the container market was in much more difficult situations and most of these vessels were considered to be obsolete. Despite clear improvements since last year, we are still very close to the lows of this cycle.

Market conditions and prospects for smaller and midsize containers are quite strong as evidenced by a recent macro report from fellow contributor James Catlin note: James is an associate researcher at Value Investor's Edge , but his report topics and conclusions are fully independent.

I fully recommend reading that entire report, but the key chart comes from his analysis of the orderbook, which shows that the two classes of vessels NMCI owns have virtually zero forward supply pressure. There is clear forward growth in the larger sizes, but these vessels are incompatible with the vast majority of ports NMCI will be servicing.

Reference the clip below:. Despite 'trade war' grumblings, world container trade continues to grow at a rapid pace. Additionally, these midsize class of vessels are primarily used in intra-Asia and Euro trades and are unlikely to be heavily impacted if US-China trade decreases. They will likely have a new IPO Roadshow slide deck out within a week or two, which will provide better slides.

Similarly, with the recent NMCI acquisition of two 8. The following table, taken from Value Investor's Edge on 25 June , illustrates where all peers with at least 10 vessels trade in relation to their NAV. One of these is not like the others As NMM sponsored the NMCI platform with major equity contributions, they were initially focused on buying 3rd party tonnage at rock-bottom prices.

They will likely purchase the remaining four in a similar structure. NMCI would then have around 59M shares outstanding The figures shift around a bit depending on offering price and underwriting costs and allotments, but we can generally expect NMM to own one-third of the eventual NMCI equity. This first catalyst is currently underway, with likely execution in the next 60 days.

The biggest risk is that the market refuses to support this IPO, which would delay this catalyst and slow the assessment of NMM's valuation by both Wall Street analysts and the general public. In our previous research, we valued NMM based on its adj. This is our starting point for a baseline case, with varying degrees of upside or downside depending on market outcomes.

We've discussed the company, fleet composition, market conditions, the Navios Containers IPO, and came to a valuation conclusion. Now, we will walk through the key risk factors along with a 'reality check' to examine why the stock has been stagnant. A good top idea must not only have compelling upside with reasonable catalysts, but we need to also ensure that risk factors are covered and that our downside is not substantial if timelines are delayed or if market conditions worsen.

Although this is excellent for purposes of comp valuation, this also means that spot market rates will have a far stronger impact to cash flows. However, we are seeing some of the strongest rates in the past five years. The following chart shows our current position. We are already sitting at the strongest June bulk markets in over five years. Although the dry bulk markets have suffered through a terrible bearish skew over the past 7 years, with rates well below their long-term averages, this chart does illustrate that we are comparably higher in the curve.

A reversion to a more short-term average level could be bad for NMM's valuations. As we've discussed in this report, Navios Containers is the pivotal piece to a proper re-valuation of Navios Partners equity. If the IPO gets delayed or cancelled, then we will not have our clear catalyst and there is a definite risk that NMM could continue to be 'dead-money' for the rest of the year.

The Navios IPO has garnered a lot of attention and general sentiment regarding public offerings was positive at the latest Marine Money conference. I expect the deal to be successful, but we haven't had a major shipping IPO in over three years, so delays are likely. GoodBulk GBLK will likely be first out the gate in a couple weeks, so this will be a crucial offering to gauge sentiment. The recent Genco Shipping GNK offering and strong follow-on does provide positive sentiment for dry bulk.

Although the cancellation of this IPO would be an obvious blow to the bullish thesis, the fundamental downside impact is limited. Mitigation Idea: Temper Enthusiasm on Timing. NM has extremely high balance sheet leverage, and although they were recently able to refinance all debt to , their newest set of debt closed in November carried an interest rate of If pricing does not improve soon, we could see a reverse split.

Although reverse splits do not fundamentally alter a company, they are bad for pricing momentum. NM manages all of NMM's vessels at rates that are below the majority of dry bulk comps; however, this external management can create a perception of abuse. This has been highlighted in recent working capital flows. A related-flag with NMM's finances was an increase in working capital balances during Q, and slightly more in Q, primarily related to prepayments to parent NM.

According to their management agreement, NM manages all of NMM's vessels and handles the routing drydock and survey operations. NMM must then immediately reimburse NM for these expenses. This year, NMM has prepaid their estimated dry dock costs for , which also includes additional costs for anticipated ballast water treatment system installations. It remains to be seen if these numbers were a seasonal one-off, or if NM will continue to pull cash.

This is a factor worth watching, and we will provide pressure if trends continue. The working capital is a point to watch, but I haven't seen any direct 'red flags' in terms of the structure or accounting balances. I've followed Navios companies for around a decade and I don't expect any outright abuse or nefarious actions by Navios-parent; however, NM is heavily levered to the dry bulk markets, so if rates fail to improve, then risk 1 dry bulk market risk and risk 3 parent risk could build upon each other and eliminate much of the planned upside.

Overall, I believe Navios is in a good posture and the current NAV range more than prices in all of this risk, but investors do need to keep their eyes on all filings, especially in regards to NM's financial strength. We've covered the risks above and I believe we've provided a clear bullish thesis for NMM's revaluation, but why has the NMM price struggled thus far? We first published our bullish research on NMM in December , adopting NMM as a top idea for based on the premise of improving dry bulk markets and significant underlying value from long-term charters and the NMCI venture.

Thus far we've been proven correct on essentially all major fundamental counts as the dry bulk performance has continued to trend significantly upwards and the NMCI execution has thus far been picture-perfect. Source: Yahoo Finance , Data as of 25 June. Execution has been great, but NMM has been a stinker What gives? Following this issuance, peers have left NMM in the dust as they have all responded to improving rates and sentiment.

Despite NMM being one of my larger holdings, I was also taken aback by this equity issuance in February. Although we've done significant private updates and coverage, I held off on public updates until we could have more clarity. Perhaps something there?

Time has passed and still no direct news update. Meanwhile we have seen additional dry bulk investments, a fourth equity injection to NMCI, and the recent containership IPO developments. It doesn't seem so, as organic cash flow and remaining balance sheet cash would more than cover these allocations. This offering left some questions for investors, but with their current strong liquidity position and cash inflows expected from the NMCI offering, I doubt we will see any additional equity raises.

A bigger likely impact is the heavy 'name contagion' for "Navios" during Source: Yahoo Finance , 25 June Data. Ironically, NM parent is actually in the best financial condition since late when the stock was 3x higher and the NAP collapse could be seen coming from a mile away. As we've illustrated above, NMM is doing exceptionally well in fundamental terms; however, the combination of weak brand image, questionable reimbursement timing, and a surprise equity offering have weakened their momentum.

This public offering is the first of three clear catalysts, which we will cover below. Navios Partners has three major catalysts, all of which I believe are very likely within the next months. The first two IPO, re-ratings are stable in the current markets while the third major distribution growth does require medium-term dry bulk market strength.

We've alluded to these catalysts throughout this report, but we will provide additional color below. We've discussed the Navios Containers public offering ad nauseum throughout this report. This will likely serve as the first catalyst to a significant NMM price improvement. I've included the peer comp table for further reference below, taken from Value Investor's Edge private research analytics on 25 June. I believe that NMM is a vastly superior company to both of those comps.

I believe part of this extreme discount is because investors have been uncertain about how to value the combined bulker and containership venture. With a successful IPO of the containership venture, we will have a clear publicly-validated proxy to value these assets and NAV calculations will become much more clear.

Equity Date of filing with Sebi. View all Draft Issues. Delhivery View all Listed IPOs. No data found. Paradeep Phosp View Profile. View Profile. View all IPOs Closed. Issue Price Buy, Sell or Hold? Add a comment Like 0 Reply reply Cancel. Repost Cancel. You will now receive notification when someone reply to this message. Repost this message Buy on time sell with profit nifty movement will surve you stock option nifty banknifty with proper update continuously profit Factors to watch before investing in IPOs If you hope to make money in public equity offers, you have to make some efforts and become an informed investor, says Prithvi Haldea of Prime Database All that you want to know about IPOs What do you mean by Initial public offerings IPO , why are they so popular and what should you watch out for when you try to pick one Specials Ratings Chat.

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